10 Annoying things faced by Kolkattans Everyday


Kolkata is a lot of things and draws attention for its extensive cultural legacy and heritage.The city never ceases to surprise you. And when we say that, we absolutely mean it! Kolkata is ‘ONE OF A KIND’ for a lot of reasons. But here are 10 probable reasons as to how the city could be annoying to the crux, making survival as an everyday KOLKATTAN exasperating.


jionet2 (644 x 660)

  1. “HURRAH! Park Street is now a Wi-Fi zone”, I remember shouting out loud when this great event happened.Now while crossing Park Street and its periphery all I shout out loud (obviously in my head) is… “Please be a cattle free zone”.taxi 2 (600 x 464)
  1. It is in this city that the taxi-refusal issue has been taken so seriously. And it is here itself where every taxi with a circular ‘NO REFUSAL’ sign on it chooses not to take passengers to the desired destination and flees like a running bull.


  1. To any curiosity you could think of; how is an Auto Rickshaw driven from the corner of a seat and not center? As the three-wheeler tiny toddler is so squashed that any pillion could get that ‘dhoom machaa ley wali feeling!’

DJ Auto (825 x 638)

  1. Not to mention the ‘Ultra-Auto Festival’ story. As all the yo yo’s.. and the super raunchy music exasperate you…Nevertheless, you secretly like it too…

AC Metro (825 x 638)

  1. It is not an issue if you missed on your early morning Cardio. Because the metro’s never ending flight of stairs be your treadmill to shred a litre of your sweat till you reach the platform and wish for mercy. But boohyahh… you just missed it to wait until you board the next Non A/C train.

Sweat (825 x 638)

  1. Morning is the best hour to feel the most energetic about a good start to the day. Only if you hadn’t had to fight this battle with Kolkata’s scorching heat and humidity, and your reach workplace defeated with dripping sweat.

signal (825 x 638)

  1. Its only here that ‘Patience’ is not a virtue. As, the car behind you starts honking the moment traffic signal turns green.

Raining (600 x 464)

  1. Much to an irony, but the Weather Gods calls it Magic! That is just when you’re about to leave your workplace for home, it starts pouring.

Change (825 x 638)

  1. If you ask for a penny change from a shopkeeper. The glare that you get from the vendors is in equivalence to a person with serial murder charges on his head.

bus raceweb

10.  Last but definitely not the umpteenth of the least, is when a Bus Driver suddenly turns into a Formula 1 racer as the other bus tries to overtake it



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