This Valentine’s Day Take The #TogetherForeverChallenge By Tattoo Creed!


#TogetherForeverChallenge By Tattoo Creed!

They say love often blossoms in the most extreme of situations.
Think about it, the prince saves the princess, woos her and they live happily ever after! Take the plot of any Bollywood Romantic drama, it’s 2019 but the plot is still the same.

Hero like Heroine, Villian captures Heroine, Hero saves Heroine – They live happily ever after!

So, this Valentine’s Day, Tattoo Creed, one of Kolkata’s coolest tattoo parlours has an unorthodox challenge for you.
Here’s presenting the #TogetherForeverChallenge.


Propose while Water Zorbing!

Imagine being inside a huge orb with your partner floating about on water. Sounds crazy, doesnt it? Well that’s what water zorbing is all about! The challenge is to propose to your partner while zorbing. Now hold on, it may seem easy while you read it but trust us zorbing takes all your composure and throws it out of the window,quite literally! And it is not an easy task to even talk let alone profess your love to your partner.

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Roller coaster Engagement!

If you pass the previous level then let’s step up the game now! 

Now if you have grown up in Kolkata, you have probably been to Nicco Park and screamed your lungs out at the iconic roller coaster ride. Well, you have obviously grown up now so all you have got to do to pass this level is 

  1. Have a ring in your pocket
  2. Sit with your partner on the front seat of the roller coaster
  3. Wait for the roller coaster to reach the peak
  4. Now as the roller coaster starts its maddening downward journey, the challenge is to reach out for your partner’s hand and put the ring on the ring finger.

A visit to Nicco Park will always evoke nostalgia. If you want to know more about growing up in Kolkata, click here.


Get a couple tattoo from Tattoo Creed

Couple tattoos have always been a really special gift to express the depth of your feelings without a word been spoken. What can be more beautiful than imprinting an art on the skin that speaks about the love you both have for each other, that too, permanently?

Now speaking of tattoos, here’s a quick tip for the best place in town to get inked – Tattoo Creed. This valentine’s day, Tattoo Creed brings to you an offer of ‘One-On-One’! Want to gift your significant other a tattoo? Gift yourself one too by paying for just one of it! Amazing, right? All you need to do is choose from the set of designs they will provide you with. These couple tattoos will be up to 12 sq.inch. This offer will be valid to couples who will have a prior appointment.

So this Valentine’s Day, express your love by imprinting an artistic piece which will stay with both of  you forever, just like your unconditional love

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