2017 Rewind: This Is How 2017 Went By For Kolkata


It’s that time of the year again when we stop and look back at the greatest hits and misses of the bygone months. Here’s a comprehensive look at 2017 Kolkata rewind – of all the major events that transpired in the City of Joy in 2017.


The year started off on a sweet note as Calcutta Foodies Club, an online group of connoisseurs of food, carried out a cake donation drive among the underprivileged. In association with Mio Amore, the group distributed about 179 boxes of fruit cake to the underprivileged.

You can read about the entire event that transpired by clicking here.



February saw the iconic International Kolkata Book Fair at Milan Mela, with an average record footfall of 2.5 million year on year. The year’s focus country was Costa Rica and the book fair was every bookworm’s paradise.

Click here to read an elaborate post about the International Kolkata Book Fair 2017.



In March, the city saw 3500 people across all age groups running for a cause- empowering Indian women and spreading awareness against breast cancer. The event was flagged off by Milind Soman, model-actor and fitness enthusiast.

We caught up with city journalist Prema Rajaram about marathons in Kolkata, her love for running and her dream marathons. Here’s the full story.



Model and Tv host Sonika Chauhan died in a car accident on April 29, 2017. She was with Tv actor Vikram Chatterjee in the car, who was later arrested for his role in the car crash that killed Sonika Chauhan. The incident had created uproar all over the country as it was alleged that Vikram was inebriated while behind the wheels.

This Is Probably Sonika Chauhan’s Last In-Depth Interview Before She Left Us.



As a road-safety measure and rightly so, the city was dotted with speed-cams that show your current speed and capture your picture if you are found driving above the speed limit. 

Team Beacon Kolkata made countless rounds of the primary roads in Kolkata to be able to put together a map of these speed cams. Read the entire story here.



On the occasion of World Environment Day on June 5, the city saw its trees bearing memes, not fruits. Team Beacon Kolkata decided to use memes to spread awareness about being more cautious towards the environment!

Trees in Kolkata Have Started Bearing MEMEs Instead of Fruits! Did You Notice? #memetreesofKolkata



Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington passed away on July 20 and fans across Kolkata put together a home-grown concert as a tribute to the singer, celebrating his life and works. The event was held at Elements, Eco Park and saw an overwhelming response. The concert was named Somewhere I Belong – Celebrating Chester. 

Click here to read all about it.



Kolkata Police got their own customized Kolkata Police Harley Davidson motorcycles! Upgrading from Royal Enfield motorcycles, the Kolkata Police said that they (Royal Enfields) are becoming expensive to maintain because of their low fuel efficiency. 

Kolkata Police Will Now Arrive In Style! Harley Davidson Joins The KP Biking Fleet



In a surprisingly welcome move, the Bengal government came up with an initiative where sex workers were rehabilitated and welcomed to mainstream society by employing them in Durga Puja. 30 sex workers managed food pavilions that were run by the State Fisheries Development Corporation (SFDC) during the festival at various Pujo pandals across the city.

Click here to read about this wonderful inclusive initiative.



Kolkata was chosen as the venue for under 17 FIFA world cup. Salt Lake Stadium, where the major event was held, had to be completely refurbished to meet the international standards of conducting a FIFA event. 

For more info, click here.



November was the month for all cine-enthusiasts in Kolkata. The 23rd edition of KIFF or Kolkata International Film Festival took place in several locations, including Nandan and showcased 142 movies from 65 countries.

Click here to read about the highlights of the fest.



In December, Kolkata saw a plethora of new brands ready to open shop in the City of Joy- from Naturals ice cream, Starbucks, and Hard Rock Café to Sephora and Forever 21. 

City Gets Cooler With Naturals Ice Cream In Kolkata!

Forever 21, Sephora & Starbucks @ South City Mall! We Can’t Wait to visit ‘em!




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