4 Hidden Places In Kolkata For The Recluse In You


Today, everything from food to fashion can be delivered to your doorstep. Life as we know it has indeed become easier.
We have the best cuisines to hog on, the best devices to use the latest gadgets from and the biggest screens to read this article from, but does this give you peace?
Don’t you sometimes wish that you could go somewhere quiet, put your phone on silent, try and enjoy some ‘me time’? But then along comes the package of life (work, deadlines, meetings)
Well, we have the perfect solution for you.
Presenting a list of hidden places in Kolkata that can offer you the perfect solace for a quick break from the everyday bustle. If you’re a recluse, then these places will be paradise for you.

Abandoned Jetty by the Hooghly

abandoned jetty

This seems to be a pier right out of the Miami shoreline but we hate to break it to you that it’s just an abandoned jetty. Situated just beside Bidhan Ghat at Napier road, Hastings this is one of the lesser known places in Kolkata

It was made for loading and unloading of freight for the nearby army base camps. Also known as ‘Helipad’, which it is clearly not, this place gives a picturesque view of the river Hooghly and the majestic Vidyasagar Setu occupying a part of it. One could come here simply to soak in the view and the sound of the river current- somewhat meditating and to get the mysterious ‘Facebook’ profile picture.

abandoned jetty

To reach this place, you will need to park your car/motorcycle in the lane adjoining the Indian Navy headquarters where you will see a small tea stall.

A brisk walk on the railway tracks towards the right hand direction should reach you to the spot in just about two minutes or so.

This place is ideal for a group of friends to hangout and while away time. But it is not recommended to go there after daylight as the place can get unsafe due to some nocturnal anti-socials. Also when you go there be vigilant about your surroundings, especially on the railway tracks- there’s nothing to caution you from the oncoming train.

view of the jetty from Vidyasagar Setu
View of the jetty from Vidyasagar Setu

Subhash Sarovar

A soul-calming walk amidst the trees, ripples of water reflecting the birds flying above, and people simply vegetating under the azure sky; family picnic spot? Nah! We’re talking about Subhas Sarovar – a place that hides right in the din of the city just off E.M. Bypass, protected from all the cacophony and is surrounded with trees that safeguard a huge lake. As you walk through the paths around the lake which covers about 73 acres you are sure to wonder as to how this place had been hidden from you all these years.

subhash sarobar

If you’re a nature-lover then you’re in for a treat, the sheer virgin beauty of the place coupled with the view of the lake is sure to blow your mind. But wait there’s more in store, there are two small islands right in the middle of the lake which is home to none but mother-nature only.
On probing the locals we found out that there’s nothing but trees and shrubs and nobody really ever goes there. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to live on an island right in the middle of Kolkata?

You get to see the other side of the incessant traffic on the road and a glimpse of the Salt Lake Football Stadium surrounded by tall buildings around. What really plays here is the fact that you see all the cacophony and not hear it- perfect blend of nature and clamor.

subhash sarobar

P.S The entire lake is buzzing with an overabundance of varied species of fishes including Rohu, Hilsa, Silver Carp and American Koi. So if you enjoy fishing then carry your hook, rod & line with you!

You can find our original story on the place here

Mosque next to Lake Club

lake gardens mosque

This place is one of the coolest in the list. We’re talking about a mosque on an island connected by a suspension bridge here.

To go there, reach the front gate of Lake Club. If you’re facing the gate then to your left there’ll be a lane going inside. Take the lane to reach the bridge and enter the mosque.

The mosque was most probably made by the family of Tipu Sultan and is mostly the only mosque in the city to be in the middle of a lake hidden from the city din at Southern Avenue.

lake gardens mosque

P.S if you plan to enter the mosque then make sure you’re wearing trousers or full length pants. (Brownie points, the imam saab of the mosque is real chill)


Abandoned Jessop Factory

When a 225 year old, 70 acre huge factory shuts down, it takes a lot with it. A place which buzzed for centuries with the voices of 1000s of workers; a home whose walls have witnessed the countless clenches and motions of hundreds of machinery and a temple which has provided livelihood to countless families of the workers cannot just be written off by pulling a plug.

jessop factory

Now before you let your mind wander too much, we’re talking about the mighty Jessop factory which shut down a few years ago. If you have a thing for the supernatural then this place is perfect for you. Rumor has it that on some nights, this factory comes alive and mysteriously all the machines and equipment start working on their own!

jessop factory

The residents around the place claim they still feel the dead factory come back to life on certain nights. And although the sirens are no longer heard, the constant buzz of thousands of men working and the clang of heavy equipment can still be felt.

If you too are consumed by the yester-year glory that the city used to bask in and have some time to yourself then a visit to the rustic factory is a must.

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