‘Kolkata Gate’ Is Almost Ready. Here Are 5 Facts You Need To Know


In our country, Delhi has India Gate and Mumbai has the Gateway of India; so how could Kolkata stay behind when we are known to be the firsts in many feats in the country. And thus, we have the all new Kolkata Gate at Rajarhat New Town which is set to complete very soon. 

Here are 5 things you ought to know about the brand new Kolkata Gate that is almost set to welcome visitors to the city and Kolkattans alike. 

The Kolkata Gate was ideated back in 2010 and finally received approval from the State in may 2015.

The massive structure will take approximately 3 more months to complete.

Kolkata Gate will most likely be inaugurated during Durga Puja.

If sources are to be believed, the government is planning to open a restaurant on the tunnel too.

The top of the gate will have a circular viewing gallery made of steel and strengthened glass, offering a panoramic view of the township to visitors.


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