5 places for Bhang in Kolkata you need to visit


Holi is just round the corner and very soon, the city will be blissfully celebrating the outburst of colours. From close friends to the distant aunt, all will be game for a cool splash of abir across the face but what good is the celebration of Holi without endless rounds of Bhang!

Yes this desi drink has the ability to make the stoic kaku, the fresh Jamai Babu and the old driver uncle bond like long lost friends after a few glasses.

Not that we need to tell you, but Bhang-thandai is a mildly intoxicating drink made by mixing a small amount of bhang with thandai that is made with healthy servings of almonds, rose petals, cardamom, saffron, milk and sugar. This desi drink is native to India and is the official beverage for ‘Holi’.

A visit to the Bhang shop, drenched in multiple colours is a must for a legendary Holi.

Here we present 5 places for Bhang in Kolkata you need to visit this Holi

Paan shop outside HP petrol pump, Ballygunj


This is a secluded spot in the city that is otherwise famous for its magai paan throughout the year but on the day of Holi all can be seen flocking to the joint for their specially made glass of bhang by the cool paan wala.

Beside Mouchak, Golpark


Now this is a hub for all the Bhang lovers in the city. On the day of Holi, from the latest sports cars to the 3-on-one-bike para cheles, all can be seen hanging in and around the shop, quenching their endless thirst for Bhang in Kolkata.

Next to Bhikharam, City Centre 1


This is the go-to place for all the Bhang lovers in Salt Lake area. The bustling place near City Centre 1 sees all the gleeful folks from Salt Lake dropping by for a glass of customized Bhang, specially made for them. Visit this place if you want to see the otherwise sophisticated uncles just having a gala time with friends and family.

Bhoothnath at Nimtalla Ghat


This place is a classic hangout for all the ‘purono paapis’ in Kolkata. If you happen to be in an all-guys group, then this place is a must-visit. Sipping your Bhang while watching the sun set over the river is a feeling which simply cannot be put to words.

Ralli’s at M.G.Road


If you are not the type to go binge drinking on Holi, then this place is where you need to be. This is the oldest outlet of Ralli’s and serves the best Thandai in town. A host of syrups and drinks can be found at this shop throughout the year.

Celebrate responsibly!



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