5 Reasons Why Satyajit Ray’s Music Was Way Before Its Time


Satyajit ray’s music was as extraordinary as his movies.

 We bengalis have all grown up listening to the songs of Goopi Bagha, Feluda, Hirak  Rajar Deshe and have been mesmerized by the tunes, my whole childhood I was really intrigued and excited by Satyajit Ray’s movies but one thing  which took my attention was his soulful and expressive music which he used in his movies which really amused me and impacted me in a huge way  which really proved he was a genius.  

 Many of us don’t know that Satyajit Ray’s first ever passion was music, he had been exposed to Western music from a very early age. When other people wrote poems he used to listen to records and go to libraries to find out more about music and had grown into a serious passion.

Here are five reasons why he was extraordinary as a Music Director:

1. He had worked with maestros like Ravi Shankar in the Apu trilogy and Parash Pathar, Ustad Vilayat Khan for Jalsaghar and Ali Akbar Khan for Devi. Ravi Shankar claimed him to be one of the greatest music directors of all time. He later stopped working with big artists because of their tight schedule and made his first solo venture as a music director in Teen Kanya.

 2. Starting at Teen Kanya every Ray movie would have a theme music which would underline the central plot of the film and would express the elite motive in the complex structure of the film. This can also be seen in the Feluda series which has a theme music and music surrounding the central subject.


3. There was a certain discreetness in Ray’s music, he always believed one should be able to express without the help of music. He not only focussed on creating the sound but he focussed on creating the right sound for every scene. This also involves using silence when needed and using music to   create an atmosphere which leaves an impact on the audience watching his movies…


4. Because of his exposure to both Western and Indian music, Ray used a blend of the two kinds into different layers and used them at the appropriate time to convey what the scene wanted to express. For example in Goopi Gyne Bagha Byne, Bhooter Rajar Bor Deoa is an extraordinary blend of both western technology and Indian composition.

5. Over the years he grew an extraordinary sense of composition and composed songs like  Aha ki Anondo, Felu Theme, Camels and Trains , Dekho Re Noyon Mele , these songs will be etched in our lives forever and truly proves the genius of this man!

Story Compiled by Soubhari Das


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