7 Legendary Delicacies At Nahoum’s That Everyone Must Try


Nahoum’s and Sons confectionery, a name synonymous with Kolkata, has been popular among locals and tourists since its inception in 1902. With its centenary cabinet and marble counters, glass-fronted window displays, and spacious store, Nahoum’s in New Market is what a soul is to existence.

A visit to Kolkata remains incomplete without biting into Nahoums delicious pastries, brownies, heart cake, rum balls, chicken puffs, lemon tarts, water biscuits and much more. Faithful customers from all over the world have sworn by their Rich Fruit Cake and plum cake without which Christmas isn’t complete.

While this trademark Jewish confectionary has made its presence felt over the years, what keeps their customers boomeranging is the fact that they sell some exclusive irresistible sweets and savories that are not found anywhere else in Kolkata. 

Here Are Their Specialties:

Jewish Cheese Samosa

While many of us have eaten this cheesy beauty, not all of us were aware that the cheese used as the filling is a special Jewish cheese made exclusively by the family running the bakery. Earlier, this Jewish cheese was also sold from Nahoum’s but now it has stopped. The rich texture of this Jewish cheese makes the cheese samosas and patties, priced at Rs.35 apiece, a hit and they sell out almost every day.


The baklava (honey and nut pastry cut into diamond shaped pieces with a hint of cinnamon), which is essentially prepared by the Jews who came to Israel from Arab countries, reflects the bakery’s heritage. It can also be called almond halwa and is priced at Rs.600 a kilo. It is also packed into smaller packets and priced according to its weight.

Plum Tikia

Plum tikia or Kulsat is made from seasonal plums. It is cut into round; black slices which you need to peel off layer by layer (just like aamsat) and relish the Tart with every bite. It has a good shelf life and can last upto 1year. It is priced at Rs.130 a packet.


Marzipan, generally made of almonds, is easily available in most confectionaries along with the cake but at Nahoum’s they sell it separately as well. It is found in two varieties – walnut marzipan and plain marzipan and is priced at Rs.120 a packet.

Almond pastry

Almond pastry at Rs.30 apiece, is a sweet delicacy that is worth every ounce of calories it contains. It is very similar in taste to the cashew macaroons at Nahoum’s. Each bite teleports you to paradise.

Atanu chatterjee, a worker in Nahoum’s, says that their cheese samosas, rich fruit cake and almond pastry is a must-have delicacy that would keep you coming back for more. 

Date Sticks

This is a good evening snack filled with nutrition and also one of the most preferred snack among the customers at Nahoum’s.

Fruit Mince Pie 

A sweet delicacy only available in Nahoum’s during Christmas. It is made from soaked apple, rum, and other fruits. It has a huge demand and is priced at only Rs.30-35 apiece.

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