Remember The Mobile Phones We Used While Growing Up? You Can Still Find Them At Chandni Market in Kolkata!


Remember the good old days when it didn’t matter if we had the latest iPhone or Android. When it didn’t matter what the size of our mobile screen was and who’d have the latest mobile apps.

Well those days may seem like a nightmare today but there’s no denying the fact that life was indeed ‘simpler’.


So today, let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember the mobile phones that we have used while growing up. Well, there’s no denying the fact that the cell phone has fancied us right from the beginning. Be it the old hardy Nokia models or the newer ones from Motorola, a timeline of our childhood and us growing up can surely be drawn as and how our mobile phones changed. Also, if you get too nostalgic like us, you can head over to Chandni market and try your luck a finding them. We’re sure if you dig deep enough, you might just find your high school mobile phone!

IMG20170316135058Nokia 3310 – The trusty old friend

nokia 3310com

If you had this mobile phone in school then your childhood was awesome. From playing snake all day to not blinking an eye if you dropped your phone, you’ve had your share of fun with it. Owning this phone was like buying a pair of woodland shoes. You’ll eventually get tired of them but you can’t buy new ones as they are still good as new


Nokia 1100 – The torch phone

nokia 1100com

Having this phone in your pocket meant you were of the cooler breed. From quickly typing SMSs to flashing the torch on top of the phone at every given opportunity, you left no chance to flaunt the sleek icy phone. Remember the TV ad with Rajpal Yadav?


Nokia 5110 – The evolution


If you used this phone while growing up then you probably got it once you dad or mom got a new phone and gave this one to you. Now this phone is like a vintage car. The sheer elegant design and basic functionality of the device will make you give it a second look even today. P.S: The small antenna at the corner made the phone a real bad-ass.

Sony Ericsson Walkman 5800 – The beginning of the change


By the time this phone was out, the old nokia ones were no longer cool (but many were still stuck with them as they were so handy). The ‘cool’ guys somehow managed to convince their parents to buy them this mean machine and others struggled to conjure enough courage to ask their parents for it. But if you had this phone with the cool Sony ear phones, your life was sorted.


Nokia 6600 – The new-gen 3310

nokia 6600com

So college just began for you and your parents finally decided to not embarrass you further and get you a new phone and voila in came the 6600 – the ultimate multimedia phone. From the camera to mp3 music and web browsing, this phone became your next best friend.


Nokia N Gage – The first ever gaming phone


This phone was the official symbol for coolness. If this ultimate college phone was in your pocket you were the well-known cool guy! From playing the best games to having a console-like design, this phone is still the ultimate gamer phone.


Nokia N 72 – Stepping into maturity


So college was over and you were struggling to adopt the corporate lifestyle, so you let go of your old phone and got yourself a mature looking N series phone. Well, this phone may not have been as awesome as your previous buys but it became your new companion


Blackberry Pearl – The first business phone

blackberry pearlcom

As work took you ahead, you needed to be more connected to office. In came the BlackBerry business phone series. From checking mails on the go to enjoying its multimedia features and not to forget BlackBerryMessenger (BBM) the first ever messenger service connecting BlackBerry users.


Moto Raz R – The ‘Swag’ phone


The phone was and still is the ultimate ‘good-looks’ phone. If you had this phone, you were the ‘most desirable girl’ in college. From its sleek flip feature to razor sharp finishing and a dual display, there was no way you could take this phone out of your pocket and not look cool while doing it.


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