9 reasons why motorcycle road trips are way better than those on cars



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Wind in your face, the world in your rear view mirror and a Million Dollar Smile. Life is meant for living it to the fullest and having fun while you are at it. You are absolutely living it on motorcycle road trips. The feeling of touring on a motorcycle is unparalled. You can be driving in a very fast and luxurious car with an AC and all that jazz, but you are still in a CAGE. You aren’t FREE. If you Ride a motorcycle you know what I mean


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While touring, one often crosses towns and settlements, which are prone to traffic jams. And if you are in a car, you my friend are so screwed. Before you realize what’s happening, you are stuck in an endless queue and moving at a snail’s pace. Now if you happen to be on a motorcycle, you will be cutting through the gaps between the cages (Cars) and soon you are out of the jam and all smiles again



Motorcyle Tourers are Safer, Period. During motorcycle road trips, we tourers are always geared up (Helmet, Riding Jacket, Gloves, Knee guards, shoes and other safety accessories). We know the importance of safety as our lives depend on it. In a car you can be in anything from your pyjamas to boxers or anything that u feel comfortable in as you know you are in a cage. We (when riding in groups or solo) maintain lane discipline (Sticking to your own lane), Ride in Formations (Group Rides) & give way to people who want to overtake and respect other vehicles on the road. Bikers are very aware that on the highway in case of a mishap (if you are on a bike) life might not give you a second chance, so safety is our 1st priority here. Also we don’t text while riding (Just Saying)


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Motorcycles (generally) have smaller capacity engines as compared to cars, so they produce lesser power and you end up getting better fuel efficiency. On a motorcycle you might choose to cruise at similar speeds as those of the cars on an open highway, you will still end up getting a much better mileage as compared to a car.

MOTORCYCLES ARE LESS EXPENSIVE (Not talking Super Bikes here)

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Motorcycles are more affordable. That makes up for easy ownership. You do not need to earn a lot to buy a motorcycle and maintain it. They say money cannot buy you happiness, but you can always buy a motorcycle. And that’s instant happiness (not trying to sound materialistic here but if u own one you feel me) also along with ease of ownership comes cheaper spares & maintenance cost. It is very very affordable as compared to a car.


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A motorcycle is much more compact than a car. It’s very practical and can easily get you through narrow lanes, around potholes, over speed bumps etc (We have plenty in India). Often while touring you can’t always rely on the GPS to show you the way, especially in rural areas. During such adventures one often takes wrong turns and sometimes we realize we are on the wrong track altogether. In such conditions one has to turn around & go the other way. Bikes are way too handy when it comes to this. You save a lot of time and effort. And you can’t really take all the short cuts (In India) in your car.

You, sitting in the car, get a Motorcycle. Life is too short to be stuck in a wrong lane


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How many times have you seen car enthusiasts searching frantically for a parking spot? HA HA HA (Its funny). I’ve seen car drivers drive around in circles time and again but the poor guys never find a spot to fit their cage (car) in. Now if u are on a motorcycle, it’s a different ball game. You have so many options. You can literally park your bike almost anywhere (Watch out for the NO PARKING sign though). It’s simple, it’s convenient, and it’s awesome



We (Bikers) wave at each other on the road. It’s a good gesture. Ever seen any car guys do that? In case of a mishap or an accident, bikers always stop & offer help. Car guys seldom stop. It’s like a code we (the bikers) follow. It doesn’t take much to stop & help. It’s the thought that matters. Although bikers in the India are often looked down upon and are taken for granted as uncivilized hooligans. Its ok, we don’t mind. When shit hits the fan and something goes wrong, the “civilized car guys” just bail. That’s the truth. If you have come across any (real) biker you know what I’m talking about. Help others, always.


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Motorcycles make you look good. Enough said! You feel good about life, your existence, your story, everything. It’s all good. Riding gears make you look good & feel very safe. It inspires confidence & looks awesome. The bikes we ride, the gears we sport, the code we follow and the lives we live make us who we are. You’ll find all kinds of people who ride motorcycles, Doctors, Lawyers, Artists, Musicians, journalists, Photographers, Leaders & Believers. The people, the bikes, the culture, the brotherhood. This is what we do. This is who we are. This is what we are proud of.

Disclaimer: We have nothing against cars & car drivers but you my friend, will have the most amount of fun on a motorcycle. Try it.

(We strictly advise use of proper riding gear while you are on the road. Be alert and Have fun while you are on the road)

Help people on the road whenever you can. It feels awesome (Try it)


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