9 reasons why we fell hopelessly in love with Pulse – the candy


It’s been doing the rounds for some time now. And the massive demand behind the tangy toffee from Pass Pass had us obsessing over ‘Pulse’, the magic toffee from the very beginning, here are 9 reasons why we fell hopelessly in love with Pulse – the toffee

1. The 1 Rupee Salty Sweet Game


Any candy which can refresh the taste buds with an initial sweetness followed by saltiness at a cost of Re. 1 is surely to have a decent hand when it comes to number of boxes the shopkeepers brings to his shop


2. The unique wrapper


Choose at first sight” The eye-catching green wrapper is designed keeping in mind a lot of human psyche and is does its job perfectly at making you grab the toffee


3. Not just bitter sweet symphony

Pulse was conceptualized in 2013 and the product team dedicated almost two years on it before its launch which happened 6 months earlier. They realized that kaccha aam was eaten across all ages around every part of the country in some way or the other.

On top of that , they capitalized on the fact that kaccha aam is eaten with a mixture of salt and spices to add more flavor to it which led to the foundation of Pulse.


4. Sensational Kacchaa Aam Flavour


There is no denying the fact that us Indians have a thing for kachha aam. From roadside dhabas to the finest of diners, all have this magic ingredient well stocked


5. Slow emergence of the powder (which happens to be in between the candy) into your mouth


There’s nothing like a perfect build up to an epic surprise. *it’s coming…anytime now…almost there!!*


6. Phenomenal burst of Amchur into your mouth


Call it the silence before the storm but the 2 seconds of sweetness just before the explosion of tangy Amchur is some real next level ammunition to start a war of flavours in your mouth


7. Sweet taste when you reach the end of the candy


All’s well that ends well. The toffee bomb, does all the tangy explosion and has enough to leave a tad bit of sweet good-bye in the end


8. Scope of adventure


Now if you’re of the adventurous type then go right ahead and bite into the candy (don’t say we didn’t warn you). The sudden gush of flvours spreading in every square inch of your mouth is like an explosion in a fireworks factory! Darr ke aage Pulse hai :p


9. Word of mouth

You don’t need an advertisement to tell you try something out when your mom has a bag-full stacked in her locker. It simply beats any propaganda no matter how well-planned it is


Inspired by the awesome answer on Quora  by Ayush Ranjan


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