12 Legendary Restaurants That Anyone Visiting Kolkata Must Try Out


Legendary eateries in Kolkata

Every city has its own quirk, a way of life and some special places to eat that simply can’t be missed out. There are some legendary places to eat in Kolkata that can’t be missed. So if you’re visiting Kolkata soon, these iconic eateries should be on your gastronomical bucket list. You don’t want to regret not treating your taste-buds to a burst of flavours from the landmark eateries among the food paradise that Kolkata is.

Kolkata, being a melting pot of different cultures, has gifted us with a delectable variety of sumptuous, soul-satisfying foodgasm. Of course, we are spoilt for choice, but we have our favourites too.

Your visit to Kolkata will be a waste of time if you don’t indulge your taste buds at these places.

places to eat in Kolkata that can’t be missed.

Do you see what I see? This is not just a dish. It is happiness served on a plate. The undying love for our Biryani is what keeps us merry when the going gets tough. If Biryani is the king of Mughlai food, then the aloo in our Biryani is the queen that reigns over every Biryani lover’s heart.

Must try: Arsalan Special Cheese kebab, Biryani & Firni

Speaking of Biryani, check out this video on what Kolkata thinks about their beloved Biryani!



 places to eat in Kolkata that can’t be missed.

These wraps have got our taste buds rolling since time immemorial. Nizam’s Kathi roll and kebabs have become synonymous with Kolkata. We bet everyone in Kolkata has dug into this heaven of a snack several times. If not, what are you waiting for?

Must try: Egg Chicken Roll, Egg roll


 places to eat in Kolkata that can’t be missed.

Restaurants in Park Street are used to seeing long queues of people outside. Among them, Peter Cat never fails to keep you waiting in line. But the effort is worth the wait when you get the steaming rice topped with few cubes of melting butter; two different kebabs and an egg poach on top, with tomatoes of course. This indo-continental blend is a favourite among the Bengali tastebuds, and goes by the name ‘Chelo Kebab’. Do remember to ask for their bread rolls to go with your continental fare.

Must try: Chelo kebab, Chicken Steak Sizzler


 places to eat in Kolkata that can’t be missed.

With a considerable Chinese population in Kolkata, the culinary scene has been influenced by oriental flavours to a large extent. Tiretti Bazaar is one such place that is famous for its Chinese food. The Chinese breakfast is for the early risers, as it starts from 5:30 a.m and is sold out by 7 a.m. You have to forfeit your sleep for a taste of their amazing meat ball soup, pao, momos, su mai, etc. They are also famous for their Chinese sausages. By day, this place is a bustling market area and from noon onwards you would find this transformed into a parking place. Near which you will also get some mouth-watering Chinese food in eating houses such as Tung Nam and D’Ley.

Must try: Momos, Virgin’s legs, Steamed Stuffed Pao


places to eat in Kolkata that can’t be missed.Flury’s is synonymous with the quintessential English breakfast that is available all day long. The Park Street one, being the first of its kind has over time become a landmark food destination.

Must try: Pastries, Croissants and English Breakfast


 places to eat in Kolkata that can’t be missed.

If you visit Kolkata, it is mandatory to visit New Market and while you’re at it, how can you miss this iconic Jewish bakery that has been baking out mouthwatering delectables for over a century now. The plum cake, tarts and pies are a legacy in themselves. And if you’re in Kolkata around Christmas, buck up to stand in very long queues to get chance to indulge in the sheer decadence that they make here.

Must try: Lemon Tarts, Pastries and the special Fruit/Plum Cake during Christmas, Rum Balls, Mutton or Chicken Samosas


places to eat in Kolkata that can’t be missed.While in Kolkata, it goes without saying that you would definitely want to try the much hyped maach-bhaat-alu posto. So, where must you go; is the obvious question. While you will find high end restaurants serving authentic Bengali cuisine, you must not ditch this restaurant for you will definitely regret. It is easy on the pocket and leaves your heart content.

Must try: Prawn Malai Curry, Kochu Pata Chingri Bhapa, Bhetki Paturi


places to eat in Kolkata that can’t be missed.Kolkata owes the success and spread of the rosogolla love to this legendary shop. So, while in Kolkata, do visit this place and don’t forget to pack a few tins of rosogollas for your family and friends back home.

Must try: Rosogolla, Mishti Doi, Gulab Jamun


places to eat in Kolkata that can’t be missed.This place on Jawaharlal Nehru road is known for the best Mughlai parathas in Kolkata. This loaded delicacy (stuffed with minced chicken, egg and onions, sometimes cutlets too) will make you a regular customer at this place.

Must try: Fish Kabiraji, Mughlai Paratha, Mutton Kosha


 places to eat in Kolkata that can’t be missed.

This is not your regular coffee shop or café where you will have a bubbly lot of youngsters gossiping about trivial matters. This place in College Street is history in itself. It takes you on a cultural spin with its rustic charm. It is a frequented place among office goers and college students of the nearby universities. It used to be a place of intellectual brewing back in the days when people like Satyajit Ray graced it.

Must try: Chicken Kaviraji, Mutton Kaviraji, Onion Pakoda


places to eat in Kolkata that can’t be missed.One of the most loved places in Kolkata, for chai and adda, this place is open almost always and it never seems to be empty. While their bhaand of chai is worth every penny, what attracts most people here is the heavenly union of the milk with coke – doodh cola. You must try it to know what the craze all about is. They let the taste do the talking.

Must try: Doodh Cola or Fanta, Chai, and Parathas


places to eat in Kolkata that can’t be missed.Bengalis are known for their love for telebhaja and Kalika caters to exactly that with the right amount of crisp and spice, their chops are the talk of the town.

Must try: Fish Fry, Aloo Chop, Egg Chop,

The eternal love between Kolkata and food is only palpable when you are in the city. Go ahead, live the vibe.

Note: There are many other famous eateries not mentioned. Only a selected few have been featured.


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