Aamir Khan Admits He Raised the ‘Intolerance Issue’ as a Research Experiment for His Upcoming Film


DISCLAIMER: Please note that the following article is meant to be read for light entertainment. All characters and events are purely fiction. Any resemblance to any person/event is completely coincidental.

Wednesday, November 25th: In a shocking turn of events after the recent remark on intolerance from the ‘Mr Perfectionist’ of Bollywood, Aamir Khan recently revealed that he made that statement as it was part of a social experiment he is conducting for his upcoming film, ‘Lagaan Zameen Par’.

Amir Khan
Image Source: Hindustan Times

Earlier yesterday, the ‘little’ superstar was facing backlash from the entire nation (almost :p) for the alleged comment by his wife about ‘leaving the country for the rising intolerance here’. People called him everything from ‘traitor’ to ‘ungrateful’. Some even asked when ‘Incredible India’ became ‘Intolerable India’ for the ace thespian.

Sources say that the actor was surprised when people made such a big fuss out of his statement. The actor was heard saying,

‘I charged 3crores per episode on Satyamev Jayate to tell people to do good and no one bothered, and I said my wife sometimes thinks of leaving the country and I got a dil ki deal that too for free’

The actor then went on to clarify that he is planning to make a movie related to celebrities and the nation and the statement was made to ‘provoke a reaction’ in order to see what the genuine response of the public would be.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan was seen visibly disheartened with his ‘cha cha’ for not ‘conducting similar experiments’ for his movies. The younger khan said “I had suggested getting cha-cha abducted before my movie ‘kidnap’ released, but he didn’t agree then, now he is conducting experiments for his movies. This is just unfair”

Meanwhile, no one was seen to bother about what Kiran Rao had to say because frankly, who cares about that.

CONCEPT: Manoj Kalanee


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