Remember When Sourav Ganguly was Pranked by Aamir Khan? Way Before the Days of Scripted YouTube Pranks!


In 2009, as part of a promotional strategy for his then upcoming film, 3 Idiots, Aamir Khan had decided to pay our very own Dada a visit, dressed peculiarly with a funny accent. He walked straight up to his house, looking for him, giving his security guards the shocker of their lives!

This video is solid proof that Aamir Khan was surely way before his times as far as humour is concerned and that Dada is for sure a gracious host. Happy Throwback!

Aamir Khan pranks Dada!


As they say old is gold, there’s no denying that in today’s times of scripted pranks and lame social experiments this simple video is something to cherish.


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