7 Spots For Adda in Jadavpur University Every Student Can’t Get Enough Of


The quintessential ‘cha’, the happy high and the good vibes that Jadavpur University exhilarates, matches no other and can surpass even the most happening places in town. The comfort of wearing the snug pajamas and striding into the campus is something only those can relate to who have been witness to the aura of the university. Be it the ‘countering’ of a cigarette at Gate 4 right before scooting into the Extra Departmental class or the quick game of table tennis that leaves hearts pounding with every shot, ‘JU is like no other’, agree all the Jadavpurians who have lived, breathed and soaked in every ounce of satisfaction that can seep into one’s system after the tiny adda sessions that can erupt into the most intellectual or the most irrational conversations ever.

Every nook and corner of Kolkata has been catering to ‘dadas’ and ‘didis’ packing up their days work and heading down to the nearest adda spot for a good hour long conversation about ‘Mamata Didi’, ‘Mohun Bagan and East Bengal’ and the neighbours fish that sent out an acidic smell the night before. ‘PNPC’ and Kolkata go hand in hand and JU stays not far from the same. The vast campus has built in itself myriad number of hangout spots that have been the favourites of the super seniors, the seniors and of course, every fresher was taken to those spots and told stories of the Jadavpur traditions. If curiosity is eating you away from within and you too want to be a part of the ‘adda’ with the peers and the juniors, head down to the following spots stationed in and around the campus. Here’s presenting the ultimate JU guide for you. Adda ta hok tahole?

Gate 4


If world war 3 would have surfaced, gate 4 would have been the base camp. From intense Table Tennis matches between the students of the Economics and English departments and bouts of football skills being showcased, this is THE stop that every student has to make before heading in for the lectures. The stone slabs have seen perched a lot of students having heated conversations about the upcoming elections or the latest Anjan Dutt cinema. Gate 4 is where one can see the nerd group, the group of divas, the intellectual group, or the art fanatics. You’ll find them all here.


world view

The shrine for all Arts faculty students. This is where a vicious amount of flirting goes on and as evening dawns, the clinking of bottles reap out a sense of familiarity as everyone kicks back the days woes and takes on a ‘light headed’ musical experience as someone belts out a few melodious tunes on the guitar and the other catches up to the beat while tapping on the steel railing and starts adding soul to the arena. A game of 29 and adda is what defines the culture here, as ‘Don’, everyone’s favourite pet who has lived through all the secrets of Jadavpur University, snuggles up in a cosy corner and watches over everyone.

Mushroom Park

mushroom park

Yes, there are mushrooms here. No, they are not edible. A word of caution for everyone who has walked in here hoping to find the ‘magic mushrooms’ but has failed in the process of obtaining them. From trying to imbibe every word of the final chapter in the Sanskrit syllabus, to cracking open the human mind in Philosophy, it is the most serene spot that students take to for explaining the elaborate syllabus in 60 seconds before the bell goes out. And as the sun sets and evening creeps in, Mushroom Park starts buzzing with energy as tiny groups find a spot for themselves near the bridge or on the benches and the question papers are discussed and the ‘bongs take refuge in the bongs’ (if you know what we mean).

Green Zone

green zone

It is the spot for the year long Valentine’s Day where you will rarely see adda happening in groups but instead in twos!
The lush green adda corner (hence called the Green Zone) near Gate 3 and opposite the Central Library also witnesses the professors walking in for a casual stroll with the students for lessons on life and love.  Adda may go on here from early morning but the conversations get interrupted as the guards come for their daily rounds at 7PM sharp asking everyone to vacate the area.

Jheel Paar

jheel paar

The sight of the ripples in water, hot tea from the Suruchi Canteen and a few good pals are all you need after an intense session of trigonometry and material engineering classes. Overlooking a stretch of water, an abode for fish and as legend has it, a few slimy snakes as well, Jheel Paar is another hot spot for all Jadavpurians to discuss political and social matters and have debates on the like.

Moni Da-r canteen

moni dar canteen

Apart from the fresh food that gives out an aroma so enticing, your salivary glands are bound to go bonkers, Moni Da-r canteen has a special someone you can indulge in quality adda time with when alone or distressed. Coco, the amazingly friendly Labrador and lazy ball of fur is an absolute delight to pet. With students from all streams streaming in here with the gang, Moni Da-r canteen never has a dull moment in the entire day.

Milan Dar canteen

milan dar canteen

You’ll definitely find the students from the PG Arts Bulding bunking classes and chomping on the eternal chicken finger and also hiding from the professors as they too flock here for a cup of coffee after the lectures. This is where the love sparks between two lovers, the fights get resolved in heated arguments, friendship turns a new page in the book of life and the taste buds are the most satisfied. Adda, Milan Da and ‘Bondhu’, make for the strongest trio.

Warmth, happiness, exuberance and affection is what sowed the seeds of the strongest friendships that evolved at these iconic spots in Jadavpur University that has been a home away from home for so many, that even Sundays mean family time at the campus, with the mates. Adda may have been a clichéd term for everyone in other places, but for those who have never experienced what JU has tucked in its tiny pockets, college life is all about one short visit with the pals for a vivid session of gossip.



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