Airtel 4G girl visits Kolkata, challenges city boy to download speed inside Metro train, loses miserably

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that the following article is meant to be read for light entertainment. All characters and events are purely fiction. Any resemblance to any person/event is completely coincidental.


Showsha Cheatery, the ‘Airtel 4G girl’ who is often seen going around the country and randomly challenging strangers to bout their ‘internet download speed’ against hers with the prize of getting ‘lifetime mobile data for free’ was in the city as part of her national tour.

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Taking Ashutosh college as her point of challenge she landed there earlier this week just before classes were about to end. Out came Rohan from the front gate after his lecture on quantum physics, still puzzled with the equations after his class. The ‘4G girl’, like she always does, randomly approached him and asked him to ‘download a Honey Singh song’ faster than her. To this, Rohan, a rock band vocalist himself told her, “Even if you pay me money I won’t have a Honey Singh song in my phone” and started walking towards the metro station.

Taken aback by this first of its kind negative reaction, she decided to follow Rohan inside the metro station. After repeatedly calling for Rohan when he wouldn’t budge for her challenge, she improvised and challenged him to download ‘Stairway to Heaven’ faster than her.

The Metro Rail RPF said, “By the time she could convince Rohan to participate in the challenge, the AC metro towards Dumdum had arrived. I noticed as I don’t have anything else to do”.

Subhashish, Rohan’s friend who was with him narrated the following, “As Rohan and the ‘4G girl’ entered the metro train, the girl asked for the challenge to begin. As the metro moved, the girl rapidly lost her mobile network and Rohan, who already had the song downloaded in his phone, as he does not know what online piracy is, showed her the downloads and played the song from there immediately, thus winning the challenge”

Other occupants of the train said, the ‘4G girl’ couldn’t take her failure well and broke down to tears immediately. As far as winning the prize from Airtel is concerned, Rohan said he’s waiting for Airtel to mysteriously bring in a new clause to make him victory void.


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