Aisi Taisi Democracy Is Coming To Kolkata, Here’s All You Need To Know About Them


If you are one of those who is deeply concerned about the nation’s politics and how our social norms and culture are being completely overhauled to the likes and whims of certain few, You surely must have heard or come across ‘Aisi Taisi Democracy’

You have, Right?

Well, Aisi Taisi Democracy is here in Kolkata this weekend and we at Beacon Kolkata caught up with the men behind the act. Here’s ‘Aisi Taisi Democracy’ for you, up front and close!

How did Aisi Taisi Democracy come to existence?

Rahul had seen Sanjay perform a comedy set (early 2014)  and was completely taken in with Sanjay’s style and humour. through a few common friends, Rahul met and Spoke to Sanjay and said if you ever want to do something with music in your show do let me know. Varun and Sanjay also loved each other’s work and decided to do something together as they found that their politics and outlook were very similar. Sanjay recalled Rahul’s offer and suggested Rahul also be a part of this. ATD was supposed to just be a few ( 2-3 shows)

Sanjay recalled Rahul’s offer and suggested Rahul also be a part of this. ATD was supposed to just be a few ( 2-3 shows) done as a one off. The crowd response and the fact that all 3 members loved their time on stage snowballed into something bigger and it has been 3 years and over 50 shows!

In the time of widespread curbs on freedom of expression, how are you still managing to put your content across?

It is said that when freedoms are curtailed, art flourishes. Historically periods of oppression coincide with the arts thriving. When the freedoms we take for granted are clamped down

people take to art / other forms of communication to get their ideas out. we have never really had a problem at any of our shows regarding content you should see one of our shows to realize how.

Tell us more about your style of satirical comedy that you put out for your audience.

Source: Aisi Taisi Democracy

Our style on stage is that of three friends talking and sharing stories peppered with music and parody songs. There is a constant banter on stage where all 3 of us engage with each other.

It’s a style that immediately puts our audience at ease and even if some of the stuff we are saying might be deep/serious, it’s done in a very nonchalant manner.

What is the worst situation that you have faced for your work?

The only time we had a bad situation was when a few professors ( in a college in Allahabad) shut the show down midway because they were uncomfortable with the content.

The irony is that the joke was exactly about that. Teachers being out of touch with the times and their discomfort in teaching Sex-education. We couldn’t have made the point better ourselves.

One word to describe ‘Freedom of Expression’ in India.

Non-existent / Absent

2024: If India turns into an authoritarian state. Aisi Taisi Democracy’s comments.

Sahi mein 2024 tak lagega ?

Aisi Taisi Democracy’s favourite Politician.

Without a doubt – Sharad Pawar!




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