All The Hangout Spots In and Around Loreto College, Kolkata


Adda places in and around Loreto College, Kolkata

Whether you are pursuing undergrads or graduated from Loreto College, you know the pride that swells within you when you tell people where you dwelled for those three years. Every ‘young lady’ here tries to live up to the legacy of this prestigious convent and in this short journey; they become discipline personified (at least within the premises).

Hangout Spots Around Loreto CollegeAs you know, every person in college has that beaming energy and they always find their ways to vent it out. One such way of relaxing after a hectic lecture is Aadda – the right of every Kolkatan.

Loreto college girls have some soul satisfying Addas in and around college to brighten up their rather dull days.

Within the premises

Loreto boast of lush green fields, the greenest any city college can have. But there is a reason why it is so clean and green. For the better part of the year, there is a strict signboard in front of the field that says ‘please keep off the lawn’, but, come winter and they feel like the luckiest people on the planet. You are then allowed to bask in the sun, lie on the field while you read your favourite book or just sit doing nothing and enjoy the serenity of the moment.

Hangout Spots Around Loreto CollegeThe front porch- this is a favourite among most students. There are plenty full of benches all around the college but there is something oddly satisfying about sitting on the bare floor just at the entrance of the building.

The common room– this is the place where you can unwind (without your phone). From playing on the piano, to playing table tennis, to working out on the exercise cycle, or just relaxing on those long sofas, this is the official adda zone.

Hangout Spots Around Loreto CollegeThe benches– as already mentioned, there are many iconic benches placed in the premises of the college. Each of them is dedicated to a particular graduated batch. The joy of squeezing in with your girl gang on these benches for countless hours of gossip is inexplicable.

The canteen- here is where the mischief brews and friendship grows. It is the baap of all Adda. Rs.30 is enough to get your stomach full with delicacies. From patties and chops to puri-sabzi and cold drink, you will never leave with an empty heart (or stomach).


The stairs just outside the college, adjacent to the church walls these strategically placed stairs are a perfect place to let go of the pressure building up within.


In the vicinity

When in college, almost all of us are on a shoe-string budget. In such times we search for pocket-friendly options where food and adda can go hand-in-hand without burning a hole in our pockets. These are some options where your budget will not go for a toss.

The Blue Poppy

The Blue Poppy inside the Sikkim House building is almost diagonally opposite to the College back gate. Due to its proximity and of course amazing pan-fried momos, this place is always buzzing with Loreto College students. Come lunch hours and you might not even get a place to sit here.

Hangout Spots Around Loreto CollegeMaggi and sandwiches

Just a few steps away from Sikkim house, opposite to the Middleton Chambers and next to sugar and spice is this small shop where you get amazing Maggi and sandwiches. No matter how much you try, you can never make the same flavoured Maggi at home. They have variations of Maggi from which you can choose what fancies you palate.

Hangout Spots Around Loreto CollegeRussel Punjabi Dhaba

Late for class? You are anyway not going to get attendance for that period so might as well enjoy a piping hot bhaand of chai here. In all that rush you might have skipped your breakfast or lunch too; this is the perfect time to have the aloo parantha loaded with butter and served with pickle and curd. Yummm! Oh and don’t forget to have their Lassi. It’s the icing on the cake.

Hangout Spots Around Loreto CollegeVardaan market street food

Loreto College is surrounded by food on all sides but when it comes to street food, Vardaan market is the ultimate paradise. From chilla, soda sikanji, puchka, ice-cream, to the famous Victoria vada and fruit kulfi, you will be spoilt for choices.

Hangout Spots Around Loreto CollegeMichael’s Chinese stall

Ask any Loreto College girl where to get good Chinese food at a reasonable cost, and pat will come the never changing reply ‘Michael’s’. This is a small food stall opposite the Veneta Cucine store on Camac Street.

Hangout Spots Around Loreto CollegeMcDonald’s, KFC, and of course, the rest of Park Street.

Once in Loreto, you will be told that in your one hour break time, you can explore the entire Park Street. Well not that anybody needed to say that but you actually get to know Park Street better than your own house.The front gate of Loreto College opens up to a broad lane, where you first encounter Danish’s shop – a small departmental store just outside the Birkmyre Hostel. It caters to all your immediate stationary needs or hunger pangs. Then on, you have a myriad of options to choose from. Be it Golden Spoon’s egg-chicken roll or KFC, McDonald or Golden Dragon, God help you with your weight issues.



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