Kolkata’s rich heritage comprises of not only the many eternal monuments and legacies but also the quality of education. The city has always been the seat of culture and the avid learners that are born here seek to achieve the best. St Xavier’s college Kolkata has always been number one in every student’s priority college to get into after High School. And as much as getting admission is important, hangout spots around St. Xavier’s College Kolkata need to be ascertained beforehand for that perfect college life.

Xavier's Campus
Famous for all the right reasons, Xavier’s also has a few secrets hidden in the back gates. With the constant adda sessions brewing up and a mini gig that breaks into performance every now and then keeps the culture alive.

Xavier's CampusFrom break ups to make ups, from being imbibed into the college band to resolving internal issues, St Xavier’s back gate has always been the go-to hub for its students. Yet, what keeps them all united? You guessed it right, Food! With innumerable number of start up eateries opening up in the past decade, St Xavier’s never has seen a hungry day and thus, never a bad day. Because food is love and love keeps us going.

Here are the Hangout spots around St. Xavier’s College Kolkata


delightsEvery Xaverian has gorged on the burgers and sandwiches and has definitely had small arguments over who should foot the extremely affordable bill which easily makes this the best place for giving a treat to the mates. Standing tall in all its glory, Delights is the first word on every Xaverians mouth after a hectic lecture.

The Sushi Oke

sushi okeAlthough everyone isn’t a fan of sushi as most pucker up their noses at the thought of chewing on raw fish, this hangout spot has gathered enough devotees to be regulars and hog on some perfectly rolled nigiri. Having opened only a few years back, it has garnered a customer base from all over the city.

Grab N Go

Grab n GoLiterally, just grab and go for Xaverians on the go. Running late for the next class? Grab and go! Need to meet the girlfriend on time? Grab and go! It’s just the ultimate solution for saving those precious few seconds. Quite a hunger saviour we must say! Don’t miss out on pizza toast, cheese burger and cheese omelette.


jalapenosHola from Mexico! By now you must have guessed that this legendary Mexican outlet serves the most sumptuous Nachos and Pesto Pasta that no matter which college you are from in the city, you just have to come down for a quick bite. Put on your sombrero and dance your way into the next lecture after a happy and hearty meal.


yummeeStreet food so yummy you can never get enough! From being the favourite place for a hot steaming plate of momos to being the perfect place to catch up with a few pals, yummee is a hot favourite of every Xaverian craving for some noodle strands and spicy hot sauce to go with it. It’s just the perfect match!

Arun Tea Stall

Arun Tea StallNo matter how many steps further you have to walk, the tiny tea shop tucked into a corner at the crossing of the road has stolen every Xavierian’s hearts. How can a day to college be complete without a piping hot ‘bhaand’ of tea and samosas to pig out on? We feel you!

Crossing the St Xavier’s back gate will never be the same, whether you are going to meet up with a few old friends or picking up your girlfriend for a date, these food outlets are bound to have you hooked for hours as you hog on the amazing food and soak yourself into the merrymaking of the Xavier’s campus.


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