Our Furry Four-Legged Friends From Kolkata Have A Special Message For You This Holi!


Happy Holi!

With all the colours, fun and frolic our celebrations know no end on Holi!

From Abir to Thandai to Water Guns, you name it we have it ready to smear joy on all our faces. From the para uncle to the little quiet kid down the road, Holi does bring people together in the name of colours.

Sadly though, celebrations often quickly of out of hand in our society. From an over dose of Bhaang coupled with the high of the festivities, it is not an uncommon sight to see the para strays and sometimes even pets become unwillingly a part of the celebrations.

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Yes, it is sadly true that we as a society don’t even spare our four-legged friends when it comes to bullying and the lesser spoken about inhuman cruelty to dogs and strays, the better.

However, things are not so grim as our four-legged friends from Kolkata, with the help of Desi Broadcast have this awesome message for all on this Holi!


Here’s what they have to say!

A message from our friends on Holi!


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