Move Over App Cabs, App Bikes Are Here! Hail a One Man Taxi Soon.


Thanks to the infamous Kolkata traffic, more often than not, we get tired just sitting in the cabs during a traffic jam. In such anxious moments, when we see a two wheeler easily scoot by the traffic maze, don’t we secretly wish to be on that or get a lift at least? Isn’t it annoying to be late at work just because of traffic? Well, lucky for those living or working in the New Town, Rajarhat township. Now they can go to and fro various destinations within that area on the ‘One Man Taxi’ with breeze kissing their faces and the comfort of a personal pick up minus the pushing and ducking of the buses and huge expense of the cabs.So, get used to seeing bikes with yellow number plates, taking pillions across New Town.

IMG20170419163513-optKolkata can now boast of almost every means of transport – from hand pulled rickshaws, slow paced trams, to speeding metros, app-cabs and now bike-taxis. We have seen it all.

Today, Honorable Minister In-charge Transport Department Suvendu Adhikari, flagged off the ‘one man taxi’ service at the WBTC Maidan tent. This bike-taxi service will start operating from tomorrow 20th of April, 2017 in New Town, Rajarhat.

IMG_20170419_210736-optHopefully, issues like overpriced fares, driver refusals, safety concerns and being stuck in traffic jams will be a thing of the past now (at least in this area).This two-wheeler taxi service not only evades these issues, but also manages to make the journey much more economical for the passenger.

(excerpts from the interview with Mr. Raghav Randal, the brain behind the One Man Taxi )

What is it?

One Man Taxi is an app based bike-taxi service.

How to recognize these bikes?

Presently they have a fleet of 30 Bajaj Platina bike-taxis that have the word ‘bike taxi’ written on both sides of the tank. They also have a licensed yellow number plate with riders wearing yellow helmets and t-shirts that have the company logo on it as well as on the front (head) of the bike.

IMG_20170419_210449-optWhat can we expect when we book these bike-taxis?

Pickup and drop to specific locations. A helmet with surgeon caps and wet wipes for hygienic purpose. Raincoats during monsoons and GPS and payment gateway enabled systems like any other app based cabs. Hail booking is also applicable for these two wheeler taxis. There is also a panic button on the app in case of security concerns.

IMG20170419161620-opt (1)Cost?

Rs.20 for the first two kilometers and Rs.5 per kilometer thereafter. There is a time calculation of 1 paisa per second.

Female pillion?

For those females that are comfortable going on this bike-taxi, will be provided with a bag to use in between herself and the rider.

Who will benefit?

People living or working in New Town, Rajarhat area, between the age group of 20-40yrs, who mostly  travel alone to work, college etc in the same township.

When can we expect it to ply in full of Kolkata?

Hopefully, within six months of this pilot project.


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