Beat The Heat This Summer At Aquatica Kolkata With The Whole Fam!


The scorching heat of summer is slowly creeping in on us and its finally time to plan a trip to a water park with the fam! Spread across an area of 17 acres of land situated at Kouchpukur, Rajarhat- Aquatica Kolkata is the city’s biggest water park. 

Where is it?

Park Timing & Charges

Timings– 10 AM to 6 PM 

Entry on weekdays – INR 600 per adult

Entry on weekends – INR 750 per adult

Entry for kids (all days) – INR 450

Here’s our top 5 picks of the best rides at Aquatica Kolkata

Black Hole

It’s a high speed thrilling ride and a number of heart thumping twists and turns, this ride will have even the most hardened of thrill seekers shaking the riders. The height of the rides is 40 ft.


This is a high speed Bumping ride. You will start the ride from height of 40ft, then blast down a long tunnel, spinning around the cyclone’s funnel, before hurtling through the eye of the storm to the calm waters below.


This is a unique water slide where riders move up and down like a pendulum in a wide V shaped slide before coming to a gradual halt. It is the high speed ride & its an approx 40 feet vertical free-fall drop into a 75-degree slide of speed and exhilaration!

Raft Slide

Raft Slide a water slide in which you sit on rubber rafts and make your way down, negotiating curves and loops on the way, to end up splurging in a shallow pool.

The Family Pool

It is a combination of few small rides & fountain with gentle speeds and slopes into shallower pools. There are mini slides for children & wet world of wonder for the little ones.

Aquatica Kolkata is also the perfect place for a school picnic, marriage parties and other special occasions. 

You can call them at +91 8232017947 or +91 9331555220 for bookings or visit their Facebook page by clicking here! 

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