Aviation industry in urgent need of heart transplant after recent tests showed they have no feelings


As Chennaiites are struggling to cope with the disastrous floods back home the situation there is worsening. And, the mad rush of escaping from the city is all the more on the rise.

Bangalore being the closest place with an airport had hundreds from Chennai flocking to the city to catch a flight out of the disaster. But, while the entire nation is getting together to provide aid to the fellow citizens down south, the Airline industry has decided to make the most of the situation and fleece the distressed chennaiites.


Air fares to destinations in most places from Bangalore were seen at an all time high over the past few days. A spokesperson from Air Indian said “Of course the fares will be high now, it’s payback time for all the Air India trolls and MEMEs we have been facing”

Our informer from Jet Airways told us “We don’t care if there is a flood or if people are dying, all is fair while charging fares”

While various IT firms, Zomato and Ola have chipped in to provide aid to those affected by the floods in Chennai, it is a shame the way airline giants have played such a heartless game.


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