Here’s Your Chance To Be Part of The Snazziest Party in Kolkata – Baleno Wicked Weekends is here!


Summer is at its peak in Kolkata and stepping out during the day is like challenging the heat demon itself, so its time to make the night your ally

When the sun goes down and the stars set the mood, that’s the perfect time to head out these days in Kolkata. And talking about perfect night outs, what better place to head to, than the Kolkata edition of Baleno Wicked Weekends!

Why you may ask?

Well, Baleno Wicked Weekends, India’s longest party marathon; is here in Kolkata! We’ll tell you all you need to know about it.

India’s longest party marathon, Say what?

Yes, you read that right. Baleno wicked weekends is India’s longest party marathon with 40 nights of celebration across six cities including our city of Joy, Kolkata!

That’s 40 nights of fun, music, lights, dance and embracing the night!

So it’s just another party?

Well, it’s not every day that you see India’s most energetic EDM DJ duo, Sunny and Karan, aka Progressive Brothers, make Kolkata groove to their tunes?

Okay, the Progressive Brothers sound exciting

Exciting? We’re talking about the crazy folks who stole the show at Sunburn, EDMonk Festival, and Sun & Moon Festival, sharing the stage alongside the ‘legend.. wait for it.. dary’ David Guetta, R3HAB, Carnage, Benny Benassi and many more!

Party peeps excited?

Hold up! There’s more.

Harshit Shah is known for his magnetism amongst music lovers is going to be there too! A sound engineer, DJ, arranger, music producer and programmer, he has enthralled party-goers with his charismatic performances in Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong, UK, Canada, Singapore, Bahrain, etc.


Where’s the party tonight?

Well, not tonight, the party’s on the 24th of June! And if the lineup isn’t cool enough, the party is here at BSE! 


Want a reason to head to the #BalenoWickedWeekends? We’ll give you 3!

The wickedest party in the country!


Baleno Wicked Weekends isn’t just any other party scene, we’re talking about the coolest party in all of the country! Where else would you get that?

Not just anyone and everyone

Baleno Wicked Weekends isn’t just for all. With the top-notch in the party scene creators, BWW is built for people who seek the thrill of nightlife.

Not just a party, it’s a journey

Baleno Wicked Weekends is a journey of 40 parties across 6 cities.

Spread across 6 cities, we’re talking about a country-wide, 40 weekend long party, so you don’t want to miss the Kolkata chapter

Here’s all you need to do if you want to be a part of the coolest party in Kolkata ever
#BalenoWickedWeekends #dadahobenaki

Block the date: So be ready with all the excuses to get back home late because if the night is your ally and the dance-floor your zone, you know where you need to be on the 24th of June!


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