Dine in a Tram By A Beautiful Lake At Bana Benu Chaya

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More often than not we all yearn for some peaceful time, with company or alone, away from the cacophony of city life. And one such aesthetically pleasing place to go to is the ‘Benu Bana Chaya’ park, which has recently come up, courtesy of the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority.

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The entry fee to the park is ₹10 and that’s all you need to pay this place a visit. ‘Benu Bana Chaya’ is located on the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Baishabghata Patuli Township, just beside the Austin Hyundai showroom. It is a beautiful park with a huge pond in the middle and greenery all around. The pond serves for a few recreational purposes, namely boating and fishing. One could sit on the green pastures and simply take in the calm of nature or walk around the stone-pitted pathway.

There are various species of flowering plants that would catch anyone’s fancy, not to forget how well maintained they are unlike other parks. Also on one side there is a kid’s play area to keep the children amused.

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And after you’re done imbibing the nature and all that jazz you might just want to have a snack or two. Well, be ready for a rather pleasant surprise- tram dining. Yes, there are four repurposed trams juxtaposed together which serve as a restaurant. The food, though nothing fancy, is tasty and reasonably priced, reason being to skim out the crowd. Dining inside the tram gives a sense of nostalgia of travelling in trams along with the bonus of getting to eat inside it as well.

How To Reach.
How To Reach.

One could go to ‘Bana Benu Chaya’ with family or friends and have a good time doing the rather mundane things in life- converse, vegetate and eat.