Dark Humor, Offensive Memes, Banned From Facebook – We Speak With The Admin Of Bankura Memes


Best known for their infamous memes on Facebook, Bankura Memes 3.0 is back again at it with the third version of their page. The previous two, Bankura Memes and Bankura Memes 2.0 got deleted from Facebook due to violating community standards caused due to posting offensive and sexist memes. Beacon Kolkata caught up with an admin of Bankura Memes 3.0 as they spoke about meme making, controversies, and fandom on Facebook

-The admins of Bankura Memes 3.0 have chosen to remain anonymous, so their identities won’t be revealed in this article-

Beacon Kolkata: When and why did you start Bankura Memes?

Admin: We started with the page two years ago. At that time, there were lesser memes and more of trolls going around in West Bengal. So initially we started making memes on Bakura, like the food, bus stops, etc. 

BK: Why the name ‘Bankura Memes’?

Admin: Simply because we (the admins) are from Bankura and that is how we initially started. We had made a meme on Ranjit Mullick which was a hit and initially even Mir appreciated us.

BK: What happened to the previous two pages?

Admin: Bankura Memes and Bankura Memes 2.0 got taken down, the first one in October 2017 and the second one on December 2017. The third one is still up and running!

BK: What is the inspiration behind making such videos?

Admin: See, I believe that every person has two sides to them – a personal life and a professional life. What one thinks about or does in private doesn’t collide with their professional life. What we do is just say those out loud.

BK:  The humor in your memes is often termed dark or offensive. What do you have to say about that?

Admin: Our aim is not to offend anyone, rather to bring out, through irony, the things that all of us think and maybe share in closed sectors but condemn publicly. 

BK: How do you deal with all the hate you get?

Admin: We don’t want to reveal our identities and get famous from the page. This is particularly because we see admins of so many pages acting like celebrities and we don’t want to be associated with that. We have a lot of FIRs filed against us, a couple of petitions from Change.org as well. But it is important to also mention that there are a lot of supporters and well-wishers who are always there by our side and have stuck with us even when we got shut down twice.

BK: What is your opinion on censorship?

Admin: I think it is important to abide by Facebook’s community guidelines, especially since without Facebook, there will be no Bankura memes. Facebook has often supported us with our posts and not deleted them when a lot of people reported us, since it did not violate any community standard, and at the same time, we have been deleted twice by Facebook. So my point is if Facebook doesn’t have a problem, why do you?

BK: How many people work on the page and what do you guys do?

Admin: Initially it started with 2 people and now there’s 3 of us running the show.

BK: What are your future plans?

Admin: We want to run the page as it is running, and additionally we want to run a Youtube channel where we can showcase short films made by independent filmmakers.


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