The Best Places Serving Beef In Kolkata – Here’s Where You Can Find The Taboo Food In The City


The juicy tenderness of a beautifully cooked beef steak is completely unrivaled but Kolkata is the last place in the world when beef comes to mind. However, in the recent past, quite a few restaurants have started serving beef. Some of which are good but some just make you have an otherworldly experience. We hopped around the town to find out the undermentioned joints, so you don’t have to do the hard work. Here’s a list of places where you can get the best beef in Kolkata!

Wise Owl Steakhouse 

Although Wise Owl – the restaurant has been around for a long time, the steak house is on the roof of the building is a relatively new joint in Kolkata. It has the most beautiful loft-like warm setup. From the burgers to the pizzas, you can add beef to anything here. The T-bone steak is a must-try. This cut is the best of both worlds. On one side of the bone, is a piece of tenderloin, on the other side is a piece of flavor packed sirloin steak. Cutting through the steak is like a hot knife through butter. Also, this is one of the only places, if not the only, which serves a T-Bone Steak in Kolkata. Just in case the giant T-Bone isn’t your thing though, this place also serves an amazing and juicy rib-eye steak.

Location: 66/2B Purna Das Road, Hindustan Park, Rooftop.

Pocket pinch: INR 1000 for two.



An immediate contrast, from a calm rooftop to the busy streets of Park Circus. When you crave beef biriyani this is where you want go. Nafeel has been around for quite some time and the proof is in the pudding. The beef biriyani, chap, bhuna, stew, korma, handi kabab, rezala, dal gosht, who cares? Order it ALL! Which even if you did, will only come to Rs 300. With Biriyani at Rs 60 and none of the curries exceeding Rs 40, this is the place to have the all-you-can-eat beef session you’ve always wanted.

Location: 2A Congress Exhibit Row, Near Park Circus Tram Depot.

Pocket pinch: INR 150 for two.

Steak Factory

Steak Factory has some of the most amazing Tenderloin Steaks in Kolkata. What sets it apart is the attention you receive to make sure your steak is perfect for your taste buds. Another amazing part of steak factory is its amazing pepper sauce reduction. I know you want one unfiltered bite of that meat, but before you dig in, drown the steak in that wonderful sauce.

Location: 50 Lake Place, Southern Avenue.

Pocket pinch: INR 1000 for two.

Burger You

All the previous places may have had an amazing beef burger, however, Burger You just takes it to the next level. Six different choices of beef burgers, from the simple Slim Jim with a quarter pound patty, a little mustard and some caramelized onions to the Oozie Suzy with a half-pound patty stuffed with four different types of cheese, melted cheddar, grilled onions and mustard, every bite is an individual foodgasm. Besides all the other amazing burgers available here, what truly makes it amazing is that you can customize your burger to perfection. An extra quarter pound patty for Rs 100, two thick slices of bacon for Rs 50 and a fried egg at Rs 20, makes you go CRAZY! The burgers here give the “Legendary” burgers of Hard Rock Café Kolkata a run for their money.

Location: 26/1F New Ballygunge Road, near Jaahaz Bari, Kasba.

Pocket pinch: INR 400 for two.


This list would not be complete without this place. Hondo’s is a 24/7 food delivery restaurant in South Kolkata. If you don’t live nearby, make the journey to the restaurant. Hondo’s is the only place where you can get a beef steak at 2 at night. The packaging is amazing, the steaks are perfectly cooked, and they never compromise on quality, no matter what the time. This is the best beef during the after-hours of the night and the only place that makes working some of those late nights worth it. (Also, click here to read about Hondo’s keeping the tradition of postcards alive.)

Location: 58/100 Prince Anwar Shah Road.

Pocket pinch: INR 700 for two.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this short list. We’d love to know if we missed out on any place. We hope you have fun on your Beef Trail in Kolkata and do let us know how you felt about your experience!


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