These Kolkata Guys Have Perfectly Captured The Experience of Meeting a Bengali Relative


As Bengalis, a huge part of our lives are our ‘reltives’. The ‘maashis’, ‘pishis’, ‘kakimas’ etc etc who simply ‘happen’ to us.

“Ore Baba, Koto Boro Hoye Geli Re!”, “Koto marks aashlo exam ae?” “Engineering korchish na?”

Well, these some of their favourite weapons to leave us weak and defeated and then comes the death blow: “Baba, chinte parle amake? Bolo toh aami ke hoyi”


The never-ending gossips by the door before leaving, the intrusive questions, the cheek squashes and the ‘taka’ before leaving,, all make up the ideal ‘Bengali relative’ and there’s no denying that no matter what we say, they have a special place in our hearts.

This video by Being Bong, captures the experience of a living through a ‘Bengali Relative’ moment with sheer honesty. Cheers to them!

Every Bengali Relative ever!



Come what may, we love our relatives and they are the ones that bring in the spice in our lives, without which it would just be incomplete!


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