Have you ever felt the need to make a day so perfect that you recall it for days to come and still crack a smile? If Bengali food is a constant in your life and is the ‘bae’ that you need by your side, we’ve got you covered mate!

Kolkata and food are synonymous and how can Bengali cuisine be amiss among the plethora of different cuisines plaguing the food scene in the city. From the traditional ‘Dhakai Paratha’ to the sumptuous ‘Pantua’, Bengalis know their food and boy do they love it?

Forget your woes and bring out your bibs, as we have the best list of Bengali food restaurants that are spreading wonders on the table. Let’s dig in!

Bhojohori Manna

Bengali FoodDo I need to say this out loud? Long before the idea of Bengali themed restaurants escalated in the city, this holy abode has been catering to the finest in the city and has left everyone licking their lips after a hearty meal of their chicken dakbungalow and the Bhojohorir Thala. Your Bengali meal craving stands incomplete without a customary visit to the iconic Hindustan Park outlet in the city.
Pocket pinch: Rs 600 for two


Bengali Food

If Alice was in wonderland, she was there only after going through a maze and finding her way out. Thus after every maze comes a point you’re glad you chose that path and your next stop should be Lokaahar. The newly opened Jodhpur Park spot is a difficult one to decipher but once you do you walk into nothing less than a homely ambiance with the most authentic aroma, the flavours will leave you enticed.
Pocket Pinch: Rs 400 for two

Koshe Kosha

Bengali FoodWith a single outlet at Golpark, it has now spread its wings in many corners of the city as it has made a name for itself with its Kosha Mangsho just as the name itself suggests. The interior decor of the place with the tantalizing food is an experience you don’t want to miss. Now in Salt Lake and Rajarhat as well, it is a food lovers paradise and defines everything Bengali.
Pocket Pinch: Rs 700 for two

6 Ballygunge Place Thali

Bengali FoodWe are sure you’ve had a feast at 6 Ballygunge place tucked in at, well, 6 Ballygunge place, but have you gorged on the sumptuous meals at the Kasba outlet? Unknown to quite a few, the tiny spot has been adorned with white interiors defining royalty and serves the best set meals ever. Trust us when we say the Thalis offer everything you’d want to order in just the right proportions. A true blue treat for the ‘pet and monn’.
Pocket pinch: Rs 500 for two


Bengali FoodCould we really keep this off the list? The maestro of all restaurants, Golbari in Shyambazar is a north Kolkata food lovers’ paradise. With everything so delectable you are bound to licking the oil off the plate and chewing your fingers off, what stands out is their Kosha Mangsho that people from far and wide flock to get a taste of.
Pocket pinch: Rs 450 for two

Fish Fish

Bengali FoodThey live up to their name as they are the first restaurant to serve ONLY fish. This in itself is an orgasm for most Bengalis. The seafood here is to die for and those who have been here have done so much word of mouth marketing and have definitely spoken about the fish in Bamboo.
Pocket pinch: Rs 1200 for two

With an endless list in the city home to the best Bengali food, your Bengali food cravings are definitely going to be a carnival of flavours. If you are salivating right now, it’s a given, you NEED to visit these iconic places and savour the flavours. Happy hogging!


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