10 Places To Get Bhang In Kolkata This Holi!


Ever got the feeling of a roller coaster ride while being firmly rooted to the ground? Come Holi, and wait for the Desi cocktail— bhang in Kolkata! 

This wonder shot can leave you in fits of laughter even in the gloomiest of moments as you smother your peeps with ‘Abir’ and ‘Gulaal’. As we have all heard, a little ‘abir’ and colour on the body is enough to give the Kolkattan a good afternoon siesta post the fish and rice feast. Swap the abir high with the ultimate kick to the system as soon as the sensational flavours of Bhang run down your throat and seep into your system.


The ‘Bhang goli’ as we all know it is a preparation churned out of cannabis which may be ridiculous to take in, but to some, it is the most amazing high of all time. Holi and Bhang are as synonymous with each other as bread is to butter. In most places, you might find this concoction prepared and sold in compressed circular forms, but the authentic flavours are found in the raw preparation made by grinding the leaves of the cannabis plant. Craving some bhang in Kolkata already?

Here’s all the places where you can find Bhang in Kolkata

Hold on! We’ve got you covered. If you’re wondering where to venture out for the ‘happy high’, Kolkata has innumerable outlets where one can savour this heady concoction and zoom all the way to Benaras right in the City of joy- bhang in Kolkata!

Shiv Ashram

Hatibagan, Kolkata is famous for Shiv Ashram that is a tiny run of the mill shop but they are bound to change your perception the moment you take the first sip of their Bhang Lassi or Bhang Thandai. The owner single handedly manages the shop and weaves a magic wand that escalates the taste of Bhang to a different level. At Rs. 40 a glass, Bhang here is the ultimate stop for a crazy afternoon of Holi drenched in colours, and lost in the kaleidoscope in your head after a few sips.

Paan shop outside HP petrol pump, Ballygunje

This is a secluded spot in the city that is otherwise famous for its magai paan throughout the year but on the day of Holi all can be seen flocking to the joint for their specially made glass of bhang by the cool paan wala.

Ralli Singh

Right after a hearty Biryani meal in Aminia, head down to the shop adjacent to it in the heart of Golpark. Serving shakes and sherbets, Ralli’s is a paparazzi point on Holi where the Thandai glasses keep vanishing off the counters. A hot spot for most college goers; the young at heart flock here to let loose.

(Near)Jadavpur university

Now this may be controversial. A university? Bhang? Really? Well, technically it’s not inside the university. In and around the area, as soon as March creeps in, you’ll see a man with a basket and ice box that has hidden in it the best Kulfi ever. Sounds mundane? Not when Bhang is a vital ingredient in it. Enough to keep you buzzing through the festival. If you are lucky enough, a few shops here also sell the classic Bhang Goli.

Bhoothnath at Nimtalla Ghat

What better than to head down with your ‘parar’ boy gang and soak in the sunset over a glass of chilled Bhang as you discuss which girl looked most ravishing in the white saree? This iconic spot for Bhang has been an all time favourite with Kolkattans and if you are out for a real scenic adventure incorporating a happy high, this is the place to have bhang in Kolkata.

Dakbungalow roundabout

Got a sweet tooth? Bhang laddu is for you. Excited already? We ain’t kidding. Bhang Laddu is a beautiful recipe that has been around since time immemorial. If you want a total treat for your oesophagus, try this one as this will not disappoint your sweet tooth.

Heaving a sigh of relief? Don’t miss out on the ice cream parlours in and around the city that may add a touch of Bhang to the flavour of the month. Let this be an adventure as you get surprised the moment you walk into an ice cream parlour.

Next to Bhikharam, City Centre 1

This is the go-to place for all the Bhang lovers in Salt Lake area. The bustling place near City Centre 1 sees all the gleeful folks from Salt Lake dropping by for a glass of customized bhang in Kolkata, specially made for them. Visit this place if you want to see the otherwise sophisticated uncles just having a gala time with friends and family.

Bara Bazar

The shoppers paradise in Kolkata is literally heaven during Holi, soon after a quick session of painting people’s faces with ‘Abir’, a walk down to the Jain Temple is a sure winner. The shop right opposite the temple deals in the most delectable glasses of Bhaang Thandai that one has ever tasted. The pinch of pepper and other spices keeps the taste buds tingling and who said your senses would remain the same?

Jadubabur Bazar

This bazaar in Bhawanipore sells many a things and if you really look, you’ll find bhang there during Holi. You’ll find a couple of shops right next to Tripty Bar & Restaurant in Jadubabur Bazaar that sells bhang. If you ask around, this is the best bhang you’ll get in the that area. 

Girish Park

A short walk from the Girish Park metro station and you’ll find a lane filled with lassi shops. They sell bhang during Holi and will even customise it for you according to your liking. Do give it a try if you’re in the area, because their bhang is really potent!


As exciting as everything may seem, being responsible and getting lost in gusto should not make you lose your mind. So, stay happy, party hard but also remember, your responsibility is in your own ‘abir’ coloured hands!


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