Knowledge By The Kilo – The Story Of Book Tuk


They say a book is a constant companion, and it doesn’t take much time to make friends with one. Kolkata has a book lovers paradise on the streets itself— our very own College street. But sometimes even after the massive discounts given by the book sellers here, it is quite hard to buy that favourite book we’ve been looking forward to reading because of the hefty price tag. Well, a one of kind book store has popped up to help you buy books without worrying about the price tag. And that’s Book Tuk for you, a book store that sells all kinds of books by the kilo.

 What: Books by the Kilo
Book Tuk, 1172, Kalikapur
Rs 200/300 per kilo

Book Tuk is a unique concept started by a book lover cum seller in the city and aims at eradicating the problem of hefty price tags on books. It opened shop back in 2015 and has already become a hit with Kolkattans in a span of less than two years. People from all parts of the city are flocking to the store to buy their favourite titles at dirt cheap prices.

Dirt cheap prices for books? Must be old or in ragged condition.

Well, no, the books are in prime condition with a lot of titles available brand new. According to the owner, the books are imported from Europe and, owing to their climate conditions the wear & tear on books is minimal and it’s almost new like.

Book Tuk keeps all genres of books ranging from fiction & nonfiction to encyclopedias and history books from reputed publishing houses. The store is spread out with all kinds of books like a well-organized library and buyers can simply browse and pick the ones they want to buy. Also, Book Tuk runs a Whatsapp group via which they let their loyal customers know about the new arrivals and also the customers can let the store know if they want any particular book to be reserved for them.  

Books by the Kilo, How cool is That!



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