Forget Boring Metro Rides – Now You Can Now Find Free Books On The Kolkata Metro!


Emma Watson, our beloved Hermione, has been spreading the joy of reading for a while now by hiding feminist literature in New York subways. Bibliophiles from around the world took to her footsteps shortly and began distributing free books on subways for people to find, read and return back to the subway. A similar project can now be found closer home – Books on the Kolkata Metro

Humza Hasan is trying to share the love of reading with their fellow metro riders by leaving books in metro trains and metro stations. ‘Books on the Kolkata Metro’ is inspired from the Delhi chapter called ‘Books on the Delhi Metro’, which was a part of Book On The Move Global and started by a couple called Shruti Sharma and Tarun Chauhan. 

So how does it really work?

Humza drops books on the Kolkata metro and then posts clues about it on social media platforms. Anyone who picks up the book is encouraged to post about their discovery using the hashtag #booksonthekolkatametro, read the book and eventually return it to the Kolkata Metro for someone else to read.

Books On The Move

Books on the move is a global book sharing initiative which aims to get people reading on their daily commute. 

“The main aim is to inculcate the habit of reading among people,” says Humza.
“Most of the people on the metro are busy on their phones or just listen to music. We can all take this commuting time to read a book.”

Books on the Kolkata Metro encourages you to put down your phones and tablets and pick up a free book! 

Rupa Publications and Niyogi Books have collaborated with Books On The Kolkata Metro for their first drop off and they’ve hidden a few books at Rabindra Sadan and Park Street Metro Stations.

Books On The Kolkata Metro welcomes publications and individuals to join them by donating books. You can find them on Facebook here.



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