Here’s how you can get breakfast in bed in Kolkata!


So it is a Sunday morning and you’re struggling to open your eyes and you don’t even want to think of getting out of bed. It is precisely at these moment that you wish someone would come up to you with a piping hot cup of tea or coffee and a hearty breakfast in bed to kick start your favourite of the week. 

Breakfast in bed? Say what! 

Well guess what, some wishes do come true. Good Morning Kolkata has got your weekend breakfast scene sorted. They home-deliver breakfasts on weekends between 7 a.m- 11 a.m. and ensure that it reaches you while still hot and delicious.

Brownie points?

Along with the breakfast, they also deliver a newspaper and a small note that usually contains a quote, poem or a small message that would brighten your day.

By catering to a new menu each week (you need to be updated with their Facebook page for that), they keep up with your appetite cravings and keeps you guessing for more.

You can even arrange for them to deliver breakfast as a gift to your special someone along with a small poem that expresses your feelings for them. Talk about making someone’s day!









And did we mention that they are spot on time?

“It’s brilliant! I loved the concept. After a heavy Saturday night of partying you need a hearty breakfast to start your Sunday with. Very well packed and bang on time with the day’s newspaper… this breakfast platter is a delight.” – reviewed Sayon Mitra, a happy customer.

Paramita Basu, owner and chef of Good morning Kolkata says,”Over the years I have noticed that Kolkata people love English breakfast and they don’t experiment much with this choice. On the desi side we can’t deny our love for luchi/puri and alu dum which keeps the Kolkata feel alive. So, this love for food and sweets, even during the morning, got me started with my venture”

How to place your order?

Call 9831793622 to place your order 12-24hrs prior to delivery.

They are placed in Alipore so they deliver as far as feasible as long as the food stays fresh and hot; but they do cover a vast area.

Pocket pinch: Rs.200-250

Happy weekends, people!


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