This Photographer From Kolkata Has Beautifully Captured The Life Of Families Working in a Brick Kiln in Kolkata


We may have a come a long way with all the technology and gizmo at our disposal but even today, the basic need of food and shelter makes all of us run around from morning till night.

From the C.E.O of the largest enterprise to the watchman at the gate, ask anyone what drives them to do what they do and they’ll all reply: ‘To keep the home running!’

True indeed, don’t we all do what we do to keep the folks at home happy? And it is family that makes the home complete!

But let’s take a step back today and look at the families that make our homes. Not in a philosophical sense, but in the physical sense!

If it is the bricks and stones that make our homes, here’s a story of the families working at a brick kiln in Kolkata, the folks that 

Here’s a photostory of the families that work in a brick kiln in Kolkata situated about 4 kms from the Barasat Chapadali More

This Brick Kiln in Kolkata is a newly established one having a vast 3km radius

Their day starts at around 6am and take a food break at around 9am

They soon resume work and continue till dusk

The labourers are mostly migrants from Bihar and Jharkhand who were staying in makeshift shelters just adjacent to the work area

While children below 5 years can be seen hanging around on their own, the ones aged 12 and above are actively involved in the work process

It is amazing to see visually frail women and girls carrying big loads of brick on their head effortlessly

There’s a supervisor to monitor them as well

The workers ‘tokens’ from the entry point and deposit it back on completing one round of work

At the end of the day these tokens are counted for each of the workers and their daily payment is made accordingly

It actually justifies the saying “slogging for peanuts”

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