Butterfly On A Wheel

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Stricken by guilt, burdened at heart ,

I joined the protest march.

My tongue was tied,

My throat got choked,

Alas! I couldn’t utter a word.

I still remember the day:

When she held  me by my hand

And took me into the class.

My first step out of my home,

A world away from my mom,

Which, Sister made me feel

Safe in her lap.

Born a girl in today’s world

Is not so safe to be;

But our guardian angels strove

To hide us from such serpents,

And all that was horrifying.

We, girls and boys played together

While she kept her eyes on us.

Our school was like the Garden of Eden,

Where we learned and played

And mused around the Tree of Life.

Ignorant we; hardly knew!

About the battle she was fighting.

In the time of dire need;

Where was I? Where were you?

To save her soul and her modesty?

I am struck by remorse,

I am ashamed to be

A part of this SO-CIETY!

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Chorus Queen Relatively newer member of the team, she is our very own in-house poet and manages to rhyme everything from disaster to laughter.


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