The Cake Donation Drive Initiative Is The Coolest Way To Begin 2017! Here’s How You Can Be A Part of it.


Here’s a quick question.

What is warm, soft, melts easily and when touched, brings a smile to people’s faces?

No we’re not talking about a heart!

Okay, here’s another hint: When shared, it spreads joy and is a part of almost all our celebrations!

Yes. We’re talking about the emotion of a freshly baked cake!



Just 4 alphabets C.A.K.E, but the power it holds is immense! Confused? We’ll solve the mystery.

Not just cake walk

Winter is here, the festive season is on and fun is in the air. It is that time of the year when we spend some quality time with friends and family, often over food and drinks.

Now not to be all preachy here but we have all, at some point or the other during our celebrations wished we could share the joy with someone else too; someone lesser fortunate, someone maybe not as privileged as us.

And though we don’t let that feeling interfere with our momentary happiness, deep down, when all the high and joy washes away, the wish to put a smile not a not so happy face still lingers!

Well, if you’ve had anything close to that feeling, then you know exactly what we’re talking about.

And if such is the case, then you my friend are at the perfect place!

img_2318Foodies in the true sense

Calcutta Foodies Club, an online group of connoisseurs of food wherein different members share their everyday food related experiences, have come up with the LetShare initiative to carry out a cake donation drive among the underprivileged.

With close to 18,000 members, Calcutta Foodies Club in association with Mio Amore have hatched this plan to gather together funds from among the group members and arrange for cakes to be distributed on the 1st of January among the ones who are not fortunate enough to celebrate the festive season.

Talking about the event Indrajit Lahiri, a key member of the Calcutta Foodies Club and the driving force behind the event said “A simple dinner outing with the family costs nothing less than 3 – 4 thousand today. We’re looking at collecting a base donation sum of Rs 100 from the members and anyone interested to make this dream come true”

1511070_10153515057616164_431027254189809228_nNot just Plans

  • The idea is to collect as much funds possible from the members and anyone in general

  • Mio Amore will be providing the cakes at a discounted rate to join hands in the noble cause

  • A route is already chalked out for the donation drive from previous such noble activities of the members of the club

  • On the evening of the first of January 2017 a fleet of trucks will head out in the different routes with members in each of them to scout and gift cakes to children and families on the street at the various pre-decided locations.

img-20161210-wa0000-for-websiteBaking a fresh 2017

Here’s your chance to begin the New Year in the best way possible!

Send in your donations in the following account:

Sounak Banerjee Savings A/c No: 50100033308652 RTGS/NEFT IFSC: HDFC0000018 Bank: HDFC Branch: BB-22, SECTOR 1, SALTLAKE KOLKATA 700064

(The minimum donation amount is Rs 100)

No one goes empty handed!

Well, at an event organized by lovers of food we can be sure of desserts and in this case the dessert comes in the form of a digital stamp!

After your donation, along with the proof of donation mail us across your profile picture and we mail it back to you with the badge that you participated in the LetShare Cake Donation Drive event!

How cool is that!

Let them eat cake!


The statement that is often used as a juxtaposition to situations is all set to become true with your help.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get together and make it happen because CAKE = LOVE!

Click here to know more about the event and updates

Exit Intent


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