Not Just Foodies, Super Foodies! The Cake Donation Drive By Calcutta Foodies Club Was The Perfect Way To Begin 2017


Well, it’s that time of the year again.
The holidays are over, the festive season has come to an end and this is the phase when most people are recovering from the holiday hangover. Some regret about spending way too much on ‘that extra drink’ while others are busy contemplating the not so smart decisions made by them!

No guilt check here, but most of us had a lazy 1st of January.

We either met friends, went on a date, lazed around at home or just slept through a hangover?

But why are we here making you feel all sour about it?
Well, that is to bring out all the elements braved by a group of distinguished individuals to begin 2017 with a change.

img_0490Super Foodies

Calcutta Foodies Club, an online group of connoisseurs of food carried out a cake donation drive among the underprivileged on the 1st of January 2017.

With close to 18,000 members, Calcutta Foodies Club in association with Mio Amore gathered together funds from among the group members and arranged for a boxes of freshly baked Fruit Cake to be distributed on the 1st of January among the ones who are not fortunate enough to celebrate the festive season.

Reflecting on the event, Mr. Indrajit Lahiri said “The event was perfect. We distributed 170 packets consisting of 400g rich fruit cake from Mio Amore to the underprivileged and needy on the streets of Kolkata, that also included elderly people. We distributed the team of 10-12 members into four groups that went in four different directions covering different zones. The first group went to North Kolkata covering Shovabazar to Girish Park, one team covered Beliaghata and Salt Lake, the third team covered Park Circus to Ballygunge Phari and the fourth group was Jadavpur Police Station to South City.  We reached out to almost 200 families.”

img_0489Food Blog With A Clause

The idea behind the event came from a realization that throughout the year, we eat out on so many occasions and almost all those times we post pictures of the intricately prepared delicacies, we enjoy ourselves and share recipes. But deep down the desire of sharing the pleasure of having a satisfied palate always pricks the conscience.


So the foodies thought, why not use the common love for food bring a smile to a few faces! They pooled in some money together where the minimum donation per person would be Rs.100. They even received a donation of Rs.2000 from a person. “We managed to gather donations worth Rs.20000. Mio Amore also supported us by giving us the cake at a discount of 25%” said Indrajit Lahiri.

Speaking about the reaction of the people on receiving the cake, he said “Most of the people were plain amused about why we were distributing cakes. In certain places we were actually mobbed and we had to run off or else we would have had to distribute all the cakes there only. In some places, people asked for money instead of a cake, two or three people even refused to take a cake but most people were very happy when we gave them the cake.”

img_0484On Christmas, people normally get a lot of things and money through donations. After spending New Year’s Eve, 1st of January is normally a laid back day for the people of Kolkata and that is particularly the reason why they chose this day. They wanted to start the New Year with a good cause and they are planning something bigger for this Poila Boishakh.

Love for Love


“Being a Sunday and 1st January, people still came for the event, leaving their own houses and personal agendas, for a good cause. This was a brilliant, enthusiastic effort on the organiser’s part. Our team tried to go to little parks where there were many kids and we tried handing over few boxes of cake to some elderly people there, who could distribute the cakes equally among the children… The biggest take away that I got from the event was in the form of a small underprivileged guy who was standing in the line for a cake. I had left my bag with an old lady and walked away, he came running to me to tell me that I had forgotten to take my bag. That moment was really touching for me” said Soumya Shankar Ghoshal.


There were some people who could afford the cake yet wanted it for free.

Sounak and Ananda and Jai Bahadur Ram, members of the Calcutta Foodies Club, need special mention as they participated from the planning to the execution of the event.

Also a special thanks to Mio Amore.


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