You Must Have Noticed The Artistic CESC Pillar Boxes Around Kolkata, Here’s The Artist Behind The Brilliant Art Works!


We’re sure that by now you’ve seen the beautifully painted CESC boxes across town. This public CESC art in Kolkata created a buzz with graffiti of eminent personalities and film posters etched on electrical boxes.
Charged with nostalgia, these boxes are brightly painted to take the whole neighborhood down memory lane and remind them of the artists that lived among them in the same para.

There’s one at Sarat Chatterjee avenue with a pair of binoculars and ‘Charulata’ written on it. The box also reads: Satyajit Ray lived at 3 Lake Temple Road when he made this film.

Another brightly painted orange box reads ‘Joy Baba Felunath’, Soumitra Chatterjee lived at 3, Lake Temple Road.

There are many more such CESC art in Kolkata at different locations.

The man behind this initiative is Mudar Pathreya, and the agency Trisys Communications Pvt. Ltd.

However, the man behind it all, the man who’s on the streets, creating these glorious pieces of art is Santosh Das.

Team Beacon Kolkata caught up with the man doing the CESC art in Kolkata and he told us all about his job.

Santosh Das is a commissioned artist and he is the one doing all the artwork you’ve seen on the CESC electrical boards. He has done many commissioned graffiti art pieces before but very few that he could call his own.

Beacon Kolkata photographer Amlan Banerjee with the artist

We asked him what’s next for him, and where he’s planning to do the next CESC art installation at.
We were met with a smug smile as he said that even he doesn’t know and is awaiting instructions from the agency!

If you want to read about the initiative in detail, click here.



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