CESC Engineers and their Royal Enfields with Side-Car


Kolkata’s men in ‘Power’


Ever noticed a bunch of Royal Enfields on the road with the ‘Sholay– styled’ side cars and wondered where they came from and whom it belonged to? Well, think no more! These awesome vehicles are a heritage of the very company which lights up our homes, Calcutta Electric Supply Company (CESC). The company has been specially modifying these bikes for their senior engineers from over a 100 years now and surprisingly even at this era of stripping cost cutting measures, the company still spends extensively to retain this heritage.


We at The Beacon caught up with Mr. Pranab Chakrabory, Sr. Asst. Engineer and his colleagues Supriya Sakhukhan and Subhashish Sarkar to solve the mystery of these bikes.

They have been riding these bikes from decades now. Interestingly, the company purchases around 100 such bikes each year as the old ones are constantly replaced. Also, the newer bikes are distributed in the hierarchy of the work profiles of the employees.

Interestingly, under traffic rules clause 27, it is not mandatory for them to sport helmets while riding these bikes. Also, exemption from parking rules are permitted to them in times of emergency.

These side cars are used by the engineers to carry heavy duty equipment with ease and efficiency.  Here’s to the men in ‘power’ and their awesome rides.

CESC and its employees take pride in their vehicles and it is more of a symbol to them than any identification card given to them. 



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