A Shop Selling Only Old TV Remotes, Another Selling Only CCTV Cameras! – Chandni Market & Its Wonders


Had Sarojini Naidu written ‘In the bazaars of Calcutta’, keeping Chandni Market in mind, she might have fallen short on words to describe the labyrinth of electronic commodities with all it diversity that renders us ardent unabated shoppers gravitate back to this hot spot for ‘a little more’ every other time.

This electronic market which is infamously known as Chor Bazaar is one of its kind that can leave your head reeling with joy at the value for money factor. Chandni Market is an ‘in your face’ bazaar that shocks and charms the unsuspecting visitor with its old and new electronic products. Although it lives up to the theme ‘no guarantee no warranty’ yet it’s worth a try.

Chandni Market has nine entry and exit points, all of them too narrow with an incessant flow of people. Goods stacked outside the shops make it difficult for people to walk in and out of the place, yet this is one of the most frequented markets in Kolkata.
This is probably one bazaar where you will think twice before bargaining because the things are so reasonably priced. From lights of all kinds to CCTV cameras, phones, phone covers, speakers, etc, you name it they have it.

If you think your old electronics are of no use, think again. Chandni Market has shops selling used spare parts as well.

Kolkata markets always have something special about them, be it a market for only sports items or another for biking fanatics, we have it all covered so how can this market lag behind.

Chandni market stands out on some grounds as well:

  • It is essentially an electronics market for old and new products like headphones, mobiles, speakers, power banks, LED lights, lamps, etc.
    Ever wondered where those elaborate road side lightings come from during Durga Puja, Christmas and every other festival?


We couldn’t help but notice the range of contrasting items available in some shops:


  • Mobile phones – we can’t assure you of the quality or authenticity of the phones available here but it is definitely a treat to the eye to view the latest iphones and oldest Nokia models being sold in the same stack on the roadside. The price of the lower models costing as less as Rs. 400. Need and extra phone for your Jio sim, which might suit your budget? Look no further!


  • Drillers and dryers – if only someone would confuse the two! No, we aren’t sadistic but just look at the way they are placed together. Hanging around like buddies of the same order.

Sewing machines – of course we are used to seeing the big ones being worked upon by tailors but picture yourself using a mini version of it too. How cool is that!


  • Stoves – from regular domestic gas ovens and its related parts like burners, regulators, cylinder pipes, etc to heavy duty single ovens (big and small), to mini cylinders, all are available in a single shop.


If you want to save your electronic goodies right till its last breath, then chandni market is your go-to place my friend. From repairs of television and radio sets to remaking your vehicle keys that you probably lost, this place is the baap of jugaad.


In our quest for the ‘hatkay’ shops, we came across some cool off beat ones.

  • Remote controls – worried that your remote control is not working? You have entire shops in chandni market dedicated to the sale of remote controls across all brands.



  • Nuts and bolts – screw has fallen off? No worries. You can avail a huge variety of nuts and bolts here to suit your fancy.


  • Cable ties – ever felt irritated unlocking or trying to break the cable ties off your fresh purchases? Well, blame Chandni market for them. Here they are sold in various shapes and sizes.


  • Jacks and Sockets – cables jacks malfunctioning? Fused sockets? Go to chandni market.


  • Pliers, cutters and masonry equipment – Just like any other market would have earbuds, nailcutters, hankies etc, put on display on the pavements, here you would find masonry equipments displayed in the same fashion.


  • Assembled speakers – now this is something very quirky. If you love your music loud and clear, chandni market is your haven. From mini loud speakers to the ones used on the roads during elections, they have it all. And what more? You can even assemble their parts according to your desire.


  • Junk yard sale – The discarded electronics are dismantled and parts of it are extracted and sold at roadside shops in Chandni market. People can buy wires to wi-fi routers, or even a discarded video camera. It is also a common practice to use the discarded picture tubes from computer monitors to make low-cost, locally assembled television sets which are then sold in Chandni market.


  • Solar panels – go green and save on all your electricity bills by purchasing solar panels from here.


  • Cctv – an entire shop selling only cctv for your security.


  • Landline telephones – Just when we thought that they were becoming non-existential in our daily lives, look what we found. Our dear cordless phone and its counterparts.


  • Antique lights – there is no denying that antiquity has its enticing charm. Look what we found!


  • Phone covers– while you may get them all over the city, we can bet you that you would get it at the cheapest rate in chandni. Not only will you get covers for your latest models but also for your old Nokia ones.



We bet each one of us have owned at least one product from this iconic market.



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