You’ll Forget Online Shopping After Visiting this place in Kolkata – The Electronics Market at Chandni Chowk


So your house has recently been renovated and you need a solution for the lighting system, and almost unprecedentedly you start browsing e-commerce portals for the same; also side by side you’re scouring the internet for discounts or coupons. Well, did you never hear about Chandni Market? The place where you get it all, from brushes to bulbs.

Chandni Market

A walk down the lanes of Chandni Market is sure to give a ‘full stop’ to all your electronical needs; be it a simple CFL bulb or a complex CCTV system for your compound, this one place sorts it all.

Chandni Market

The Economics of the Market

One will find a plethora of street hawkers pestering to sell their products on the pretext of being the best in its own class of electronics. Then there are shops which sell almost the same stuff as that of the hawkers, but apparently they are of higher quality and come with a better price tag.

Chandni Market

Md. Abuzar Qureshi has been selling fancy mobile phone covers and accessories for the past 7 years on the streets of Chandni market and has products ranging from ₹80 to ₹250 which collectively gives him a daily average sale of ₹2-3000.

Chandni Market

Moving onto the lights and random electronic goods seller, Mohan, who had apprehensions about revealing his daily average sale says, “I keep all kind of lights, be it CFL, LED or emergency lights or even the decorative ones used on occasions. You come to me and you get all lights.”

Chandni Market
With product prices ranging from ₹150-800 it can be safely presumed that he has a healthy sales figure which he wouldn’t reveal no matter how much you urge him.

Lastly, comes the holy grail of Chandni Market, something that occupies most of the market share and has made the market both famous and infamous– Chinese mobile phones.

Chandni Market
Md. Omar, who sits with a basketful of cheap copies of mobile phones made my regular brands, has an unending array of cellphones ranging from ₹800-₹4000 depending on the functionality of the phones. These cellphones look exactly like their genuine counterpart and function almost the same way, but there is no guarantee that comes with it. Perks of buying cheap smart phone, no?

Chandni Market
The average daily sale is atleast ₹5000 and the number of mobile phones sold are approximately 8-10; imagine the multitude of Chinese cellphones if the dynamics of the entire market is to be computed.

Chandni Market

Known to be a very busy and colourful market, Chandni Chowk Market is one place for everything from groceries and electronics to clothing and eateries– an interesting place to shop, provided you have sharp shopping skills. And of course, haggling is a norm here, so bargain to your heart’s content.


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  2. Beware of unethical standards of dealers, hawkers and shopkeepers. All are not rosy. Picking a right product is a matter of chance. However, for small articles like screw drivers, pliers and other such articles this place offers scope for buying.

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