We Found The Original Multi-Flavoured Cha-Wala Of Rabindra Sarobar. There Are More Flavours Than You Can Imagine!


Kolkata has been going crazy recently over the chocolate tea at Tripi Tea Stall at Rabindra Sarobar. If you don’t know about him by now, you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past week. Click here to know everything about him.

People have been flocking to the dainty tea stall to get a taste of the fabled chocolate cha. But did you know that another cha-wala in Kolkata sells multi-flavoured tea? Here’s all about him.

Abhijit Da, fondly known as Bapi Da can be found at Rabindra Sarobar lake opposite the Menoka Cinema gate where he has been selling tea for the past two years. But what’s so special about this tea vendor, you ask? Well, not only does Abhijit Da sell chocolate tea and coffee, he sells a wide array of other flavoured teas.

Flavours of cha:

Watermelon tea

Pineapple tea

Orange tea

Strawberry tea

Mango tea and more!

And all for less than 30 bucks!

What’s more- he also sells a few kinds of special tea – RD Burman tea and Amitabh Bachchan tea (named after his favourite singer and actor) and ‘cha without cha pata’ (tea without tea leaves)! Sounds weirdly intriguing, right?

Anyone who’s ever had tea from Abhijit Da can vouch for his friendliness and talkative nature. He gets chatty very easily and would even sing a song for you while he’s at it. He is also very knowledgeable about the Sarobar lake and also had a wonderful rapport with the people there.  

Rumours are, he is the original chocolate cha wala of Kolkata and sold chocolate tea way before Tripti Tea Stall went viral for the same. We don’t know for sure!

More coming about him soon!

Info and photo credit: Puja De


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