Jail-Broken iPhones, LCDs On The Pavement & Ancient Mobile Phones – Chor Bazar In Kolkata, Chandni is the ultimate Thug Life!


Like us, if you have an affinity for antique and ancient things, or simply items or commodities that are rare, then Chor Bazar in Kolkata is a hidden haven!

chor bazar1Chor Bazar in Kolkata

While the city has a lot of hidden trades nestled in every other nook and cranny, the most prominent Chor Bazar in Kolkata is at Chandni Market!

From a labyrinth of electronic commodities to the latest smartphones, the Chor Bazar at Chandni market has it all and can leave any first-timer in awe of all the fancy gadgets up for sale there.

chor bazar8This electronic market, infamously known as Chor Bazaar is one of its kind that can leave your head reeling with joy at the value for money factor.
The place is an ‘in your face’ bazaar that shocks and charms the unsuspecting visitor with its old and new electronic products.
Even though it lives up to the theme ‘no guarantee no warranty’, it’s worth a try.

chor bazar9The official market has nine entry and exit points, all of them too narrow with an incessant flow of people. Outside the official market, on the lane is where the Chor Bazar is located.
Interestingly, this is probably the only bazaar where you will think twice before bargaining because the items here are so reasonably priced.
chor bazar6From the latest CCTV cameras, phones, phone covers, speakers to ancient TV sets, mobile phones this Chor Bazar in Kolkata has it all!

Now, we can’t assure you of the quality or authenticity of the phones available here but it is definitely a treat to the eye to view the latest iphones and oldest Nokia models being sold in the same stack on the roadside.  The price of the lower models costing as less as Rs. 400.
Need an extra phone for your Jio sim, which might suit your budget? Look no further!

chor bazar3If you want to save your electronic goodies right till its last breath, then this Chor Bazar in Kolkata is your go-to place, my friend.
From repairs of television and radio sets to the latest LED TVs on the pavements, this place is the big daddy of jugaad.

Chor Bazar in Kolkata also has a string of completely off-beat stand-alone shops dealing in the weirdest of things.

There are entire shops in chandni market dedicated to the sale of ONLY TV remote controls across all brands.

chor bazar4An entire shop selling only CCTV cameras

chor bazar5There’s also a shop selling ONLY landline phones

chor bazar9Our personal favourite part of the Chor Bazar is the junk yard sale section.

The discarded electronics are dismantled and parts of it are extracted and sold at roadside shops in Chandni market. People can buy wires to wi-fi routers, or even a discarded video camera. It is also a common practice to use the discarded picture tubes from computer monitors to make low-cost, locally assembled television sets which are then sold in Chandni market.

chor bazar10Phone covers

While you may get them all over the city, we can bet you that you would get it at the cheapest rate in chandni. Not only will you get covers for your latest models but also for your old Nokia ones.

chor bazar7Latest iPhones

While going around Chor Bazar we came across a bunch of young lads who’d come from different parts of the country to buy used/jail-broken iPhones.

The Chor bazar in Kolkata is a hub for such phones. While the prices vary hugely from shop to shop we’d advice against buying an expensive iPhone from the Chor Bazar.

Now before you get all judgmental, Chor Bazar in Kolkata isn’t essentially a place where stolen goods are sold. Most of the goods available here are part of the black market operating outside the radar of standard business norms.

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