12 Lovable Things Faced By Every Christian In Kolkata


Kolkata, in her diversity of inhabitants, has been home to Christians since a long long time. No matter where they go in life, for the Christians here, Kolkata is like that ex-girlfriend whose memories keep bringing you back to the same place.

This small group of fun-loving, easy going, people have made their presence felt by blossoming in subtle yet significant ways and have embraced Kolkata with all their might. In return, Kolkata has become the true love of their life.

Here are some ways in which every Christian in Kolkata feels loved by their fellow beings:

Your house is the daily adda/party zone

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You are considered an epitome of English

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Almost everyone you know wants to attend a Christian wedding

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You become synonymous with Christmas cake and Easter eggs

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You are always expected to have the latest collection of English songs and movies

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If you happen to wear an Indian attire you are definitely in for praises

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Rangers club and Dalhousie institute (D.I) have always the ultimate party places for you

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Every christian guy calls the other guy BRO

8Picture Courtesy: brobible.com

An elderly lady wearing a dress or skirt (no points for guessing that she is an Anglo)

9Picture Courtesy: seattletimes.co

Anglo-Indian delicacies like vindaloo, salted beef tongue, jhal farezi, ball curry, potato chops, kulkuls, rose-cookies are only available in your house

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Your family calls your friends darling, sweetheart, etc


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You are a Christian and you speak fluently in hindi … WOW!


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