Park Street is Lit AF Literally! Here’s THE MOST Scenic View Of The Lights & Decorations of Christmas in Park Street


All this week until the first week of 2018, all of Kolkata is busy celebrating Christmas in Park Street!
From lights, music, fun and food, if you want to get into the festive mood, all you need to do is drop by at Park Street.

But hey! Not all of us are fortunate enough to waltz into the busy road and celebrate Christmas in Park Street. So we at Beacon Kolkata have got the perfect solution!

We asked photographers from across town to send in their pictures of Christmas in Park Street and here, you can be a part of the celebrations through their lovely pictures.



Christmas in Park Street

Here’s a glimpse of Christmas in Park Street, Kolkata in slow motion!

But hold up!

If you think that the Christmas festival in Kolkata is just at Park Street then you’re mistaken bud. The festive season is equally happening at Novotel Kolkata Hotels & Resorts!
From elaborate buffets to the best of drinks



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