Ever Thought About The Ancient Clock Towers Of Kolkata? No! You Only Think About Yourself


Clock Towers are known as “timekeepers” of a city.  Throughout Kolkata, you can find a number of clock towers that have quite literally witnessed the passage of time!

Now that made us wonder where are the iconic clock towers in the city? How old are they? And what’s their story!?
So we went digging!

Here’s more about Clock Towers of Kolkata

Clock Tower at Howrah Station

Picture Courtesy – www.wikimapia.org

Howrah Station has an iconic clock tower of it’s own known as the “Boro Ghori” which is a reminiscent of the British era architecture.

Address – Lower Foreshore Road, Howrah – 711101 West Bengal India


Info – The clock towers serves as the meeting points for people before they catch a train. The tower is noticeable by it’s twin clocks mounted on wooden frames.

New Market Clock Tower

Picture Courtesy –www.tripadvisor.in

New Market is one of the oldest and busiest market areas in Kolkata. During the British era, this place used to be one of the busiest marketing areas for the British population.

Address – Nellie Sen Gupta Sarani, New Market Area, Dharmatala, Taltala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700087

Established – 1930

This clock tower, located on the southern side of the market, was imported from Huddersfield, UK and has been operational since 1930.

Clock Tower At Manicktala Market

Picture Courtesy –www.commons.wikimedia.org

Manicktala Market is a residential area of northern Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Address – Vivekananda Road, Bag Bazar Colony, Manicktala, Azad Hind Bag, Kolkata, West Bengal 700006

Info – The Clock Tower is easily identified at Manicktala Market. However, nobody can clearly say about it’s origin.

Clock Tower At General Post Office

Picture Courtesy – www.telegraph.com

General Post Office at Kolkata has a Clock Tower established by Walter.B.Greenville.

Address – Fairlie Place, Netaji Subhas Road, Fairley Place, BBD Bagh, Kolkata,West Bengal 700001

Established – 1868

The clock was imported from London and cost Rs. 7,000/- approximately.

Clock Tower at Tagore Castle :-

Picture Courtesy – www.noisebreak.com

The Tagore Castle was established by Jatindramohan Tagore.

Address – Tagore Castle Street, Jorabagan, Kolkata 700006

Established – 1895

The castle has a 100 feet high centre tower which resembles that of Windsor Castle. The clock was imported from London.


These are some of the iconic clock towers of Kolkata.
Which ones have you visited ?


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