Coffee Day Square Kolkata is here to satisfy your ultimate hangout needs!


The inherent urge of relaxing with friends over a cuppa at any point of time during the day at any place whatsoever has always been in the genes of every Kolkatan ever.

And the one place that remains constant from school to college to your first date is Café Coffee Day!

And as you’ve evolved over the years, so has your hangout preference right?

And change being the only constant, Café Coffee Day has evolved to meet your hangout requirement too!


We’re talking about Coffee Day Square!

Yes! Café Coffee Day, Kolkata’s most popular hangout destination, is bringing to us an even bigger and better Coffee Day Square at Park Street.


Say Hello to the Square

With alternate brewing techniques Coffee Day Square is every discerning coffee connoisseur’s dream come true.
The Square is also perfect for those looking to celebrate a more refined culinary experience. With international styled presentations, global cooking techniques and a tempting selection of wellness and indulgent F&B options, Coffee Day Square will liven up your senses and bring you something you’ve never experienced before!


What makes The Square special?

We’re not talking about your next door café here! We’re telling you about THE ideal place to experience something new, trendy and exclusive in town.
From unique Single Origin Coffees to coffees prepared using Alternate Brewing techniques, the Siphon, the French Press or Pour Over, each method accentuates a particular taste profile with a rich, deep combination of flavours.

The Drinks We Loved

Zesty Coconut Mandari
Tranquil Twist
Purple Berry Blast
Cocoa Excess Shake
Maharaja Shake

Keeping in mind the global trend of wellness, the exquisite menu has also lined up a selection of beverages made with latest wellness ingredients like avocado, sea buckthorn, chamomile and more. The beverages create a fine balance between wellness and indulgence.


And the ones we can’t stop gorging on

The food menu brings you flavoursome bites, signature meals and spicy-sweet treats that have been curated with a creative flair and passion.

Not just Tea & Bakes!

While the menu has offerings which are time-specific with an extensive range of breakfast, lunch & dinner options, there is a separate section catering to the all-day diners too looking for mouth-watering options between any meal times.


There are also exemplary cooking techniques like smoking and molecular gastronomy correlated to global cooking trends and eating habits. The dessert category includes an irresistible range of celebratory cakes and pastries.

The Square offers plenty to intrigue the palate with the likes of caviar, avocados, and the use of not one, but three exotic varieties of cheese – Cheddar, Blue cheese, and Gouda.

See You At The Square

Coffee Day Square is here to blow you away with their new flavours and wonderful cuisines while keeping you hooked to the warm welcoming atmosphere.


Whether you’re out with your college friends, or coworkers or even that special someone, Coffee Day Square will keep tugging you back with their delicious coffee and delectable gourmet dishes.


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