11 Typical Types of People You Come Across at a College Fest


For many of us, College life is the most memorable part of our lives and what makes this phase more ‘happening’ is the college fest, the time of fun and excitement during which we dress to kill and showcase our hidden skills. Fests are all about pomp and show where you get to meet so many more interesting people from other colleges while giving your eyes a treat!

Each fest though exclusive in their own way, are common when it comes to the kind of people found in them. So, here we bring to you 11 types of people you find at every college fest.

The ‘over-enthu’ coordinators

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These people are easy to notice, they are seen running about all over the place with walkie-talkies in their hands, they wear similar t-shirts loaded with sponsor logos, and they behave as if they are the busiest people on the planet. Well these are your go-to people if you want free or VIP entry passes (for this you either need to be known to them or have excellent convincing skills.)


The ‘super-excited’ first-timers

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These young lad/lass are just out of school and have barely visited a fest. They go about in groups and are eager audience of all the fest events. College fests are equivalent to a visit to a ‘Tomorrowland concert’ for these guys!

The ‘don’t mess with me’ participants

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They are the heart and soul of the fest for without them there would not be much fun or entertainment. They are the ones who set fire to the stage with their awesome performance.


The ‘mostly friend-zoned’ photographers

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As they say. Behind every HD Profile picture of a girl, there is a friend-zoned photographer!
Well, these guys are everywhere. A camera around their neck, a facebook photography page by their name and the absolute need to block everyone’s view while clicking pictures, they make every college fest complete.


The ‘tomorrowland’ people

5Pic courtesy: www.telegraphindia.com

A fest normally has a 3-day schedule wherein, it ends with a DJ-Night on the last day. This is the day that all the party people show up just on time for the DJ wale babu to play their gaana.

The ‘fashion show’ people

6Pic courtesy: www.abraxasnu.com

The day all of us fall for the ‘make up’ trick! The day, the ramp walkers get to wear their most-expensive party dress and walk on the ramp like their careers depend on it! The day you get to know which batch-mate is the creepiest!


The ‘letch’ guys!


Any fest is incomplete without this creepy lot. These are the people that have come to the fest JUST TO OGLE at the girls. Generally moving around in a group, you can see them at their peak during the fashion show. Yes, if you’ve ever wondered, these are the guys crowding in front of the cheer leaders at Eden Gardens during IPL.

The bling people

8 matadornetwork.comPic courtesy: matadornetwork.com

This lot is generally of the spoilt brats. The ones who’ve been pumping weights at the gym all through the past month to look all beefed up for the fest and if you’ve ever wondered, these are the guys that keep their car stereo volumes full on the way inside college and screech their tyres on the way out. Each brat will have his set of followers and they’ll all be at the peak of their ‘bratty’ behavior all through the days of the fest!


The ‘Once in a blue moon’ people


This is a special lot of self-proclaimed uber cool people. The speciality of this lot is that all through the semester they’ll be nowhere to be seen, their attendance will be in single digits. But suddenly during the days of the fest, these guys turn up as regulars in the college.


The adda people

10Pic courtesy: www.dailymail.co.uk

So here are the most important people of the fest. Why? Because they form the majority of the crowd and they are there just for the adda. No competition, no stressful work, etc. they are there simply for the fun of it. Many friends of participants, students from other colleges, ex-students of the host college, also form a part of the adda crowd. And what is a fest without a good crowd.


The hello ‘high’ bye bye people

11 vh1

This is the category of people who come to the fest simply to tell their friends ‘high’ and they soon leave after they are done with telling everyone ‘high’
If you know what we mean

Which category do your friends fall under?

In all, no matter how big or small a fest is, they almost always make for one of the fondest memories of ones college days! So, if you want to be at Kolkata’s freshest college fest, make sure you’ve booked your tickets for Kolkata Comic Carnival!


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