Waging A War Against Depression, Colonel Prabir Sengupta the first Indian Army Officer on TEDx. We Caught Up With The Hero!


A little motivation a day keeps stress at bay

In today’s time, when stress and anxiety have become our BFFs, the youth of our country are particularly in need of motivation and direction. Oft times we are lost in pursuit of the unknown and find it hard to gain inspiration to keep us going.

But when the going gets tough, the tough get going, so in moments like these, we need to turn to someone who can pop our low self-esteem and stir our self-confidence to work up a hurricane of motivation that would have a strong impact on our personalities for a long time to come.

Kolkata has one such motivational speaker who can not only hold your attention for more than the stipulated attention span but can keep you awestruck with his charisma.
Colonel Prabir Sengupta, is a youth mentor, trainer, motivational speaker, the first Indian Army Officer on the TEDx platform as a speaker and also a Vishisht Seva Medal awardee.

He is a true inspiration by words and deeds and he can inspire, ignite and impact each and every youth of our country if given the chance. And Team Beacon Kolkata has no doubt about that.

We got our dose of motivation, read on to get yours!

What made you start motivating the youth?

After years of working with the youth, I realized that today the youth really lack a role model. They need someone who will listen to them …Ted gave me a platform to share my varied army experiences with the youth and I feel privileged to share my ‘Phenomenal’ journey with such wonderful youth.

Is there any particular thing that you want to motivate today’s youth towards?

I want to talk to the youth about why they should be proud of being an Indian. I don’t believe that the youth doesn’t love their country, each one of us loves our country. When we look at America, we see their success, not their issues and the daily problems that they go through. We should look at our country in the same light. India has poverty as an issue but India is not poor; India has corruption but India is not corrupt. There is a difference. When we start thinking this way, we will start working on the issues and make a difference slowly but steadily.

It is very easy to say that the government is corrupt but aren’t we all corrupt in some way or the other. Ask yourself, what have you done to improve your government? What have you done for the improvement of your society?

Each drop makes a difference in the ocean likewise each one of us makes a difference in our country. The day we start understanding this, our country will progress even more.


How can the society help in motivating the youth?

Our media sells eyeball grabbing news because it sells most. We are so accustomed to constant rape, murder cases that they occupy so much of our mind space and we see each and every male as a tentative rapist because we are conditioned to think that way. It is unfair.

No one is showing the youth the right part and that is why they need motivation.

We need to tell them about people like Dholak Bhai Solanki who gives away cars to his employees during Diwali. Tell them about Angadias who deal in diamonds and till now not one theft has taken place when they are dealing in transporting crores worth of diamonds through their employees. This is the kind of trust they have for their employees. We need to tell these kinds of motivational stories to the many billion youths in our country.

What kind of reaction do you get from the youth?

I receive several emails where ex-students tell me that I am the reason for them achieving what they have in life just because I motivated them at the right time.

What message would you give to the youth to motivate them?

After 50yrs, when you have to tell interesting stories to your grandchildren, whose story would you tell? Yours or your friend’s? You have 50yrs to make your story so it better be good and inspiring.

What is your story?


  1. Santana did a wonderful write up and brought out the essence of the issues plaguing the YOUth of our country. We need more of such Positive stories. It is good to read that even in this age, there are the good Samaritans who think of ‘Country’ First!!


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