10 Things Anyone Coming Back Home To Kolkata For Durga Puja Goes Through


There are certain feelings in life that just can’t be matched up by anything else. Some moments that can’t be put down in words and some emotions that can’t be expressed. Such is the feeling of coming back home to Kolkata for Durga Puja. A feeling of joy, excitement, love and a lot more experienced at one go. Here we list down the things anyone coming back home to Kolkata for Durga Puja goes through.

1. Checking for ways to get home

Be it flight ticket bookings months ahead or waiting in lines desperately for the last moment tatkal tickets, we don’t leave any stone unturned till we’re on our ride home.


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Ma calling up time and again to check if you’ve got the tickets. So you sacrifice on weekend plans to get the tickets done.

2. The countdown

The excitement of taking the ticket out of the envelope time and again throughout the day to check the date. Not to forget, doing a mental countdown each time till you reach home.


The urge to have barir khabar increases ten-fold.

3. Aggressive trip planning

What’s a pujo without some really aggressive, super optimistic planning? Days are limited in number. Must meet all the groups of friends and relatives!


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Obsessive planning on WhatsApp groups leave you frustrated. But you figure it’s worth the trouble when the plans finally materialize.



4. New job happiness

If you’re coming home after your first salary, then planning gifts for everyone in the household is a huge part of coming back home.


Not to forget buying a gift for the kripte jethu

5. Love in the time of Pujo?

The anxious planning of meeting the lover-who-never-happened and having full faith that it might just work out this time.


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Also, the Pujo attire doesn’t help much in keeping emotions at bay

6. Dining Mining

Going through the Facebook timeline of your Kolkata friends and making a list of new restaurants to visit with family and friends. The gastronomy check-in stalking.


(Invariably ending up at Arsalan for Biryani though)


 7. The Night before leaving

You know the true meaning of anxiety on the night you’re done with packing and you’re just waiting for morning to head for the station/airport


Needless to say, you’ll hardly be getting any sleep that night.


8 Almost there

As your flight is about to land and is hovering over New Town, you try to peek down to see the city lit-up with the Pujo feeling


When the train finally pulls into Howrah and you spot the decked up Howrah Bridge greeting you with all her beauty


9. No stopping me

The Pujo Gondho when the flight touches down and you can hear the hostess say “Welcome to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport”

The sound of the woman announcing the platform number at Howrah Station becomes special too

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10. The Yellow Cab-ride Home

Managing to reach home on the same day you reach kolkata, is a commendable feat specially if you reach in the evening, considering the traffic.

But when the cab finally takes the turn into your para, you know what you’ve been missing. You know you’re HOME.


The Parar pandal, the sound of dhak, the lights, the happy faces, it is just not the same in other parts of the country. You’ll brave the sweat and the rain, fight the meanest of bosses and all battles all for the blissful feeling of Coming Back Home To Kolkata For Durga Puja. No matter how old you are, Pujo remains the same it was while you still were a kid.


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